Thralls not entering Sunken City

Game mode: Single player
Game type: pve
Testlive: branch 2.6b

Thralls still not entering Sunken City in single player testlive.


Cross-linking to a player report of Live Build drowning death of Follower upon exiting S.C.


Strangely, my thrall did follow me into the Sunken City (also singleplayer, testlive 2.6b), though he wasn’t very reliable in there. He followed me on the land part fine, then followed me underwater to two out of the three sections I visited (didn’t turn up in the other one), but he also did a bit of standing and staring at the wall after we’d cleared an area, and also had a phase of putting his weapon away and trying to punch with his fists (these last two both happened around the same fight so may have been related).

I didn’t go in by the long route across the island, if that makes a difference - just dived in from more or less directly across from the top of the wooden stairs you arrive at. Possibly a different route led to different follower behaviour?

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I tried again another day, this time my horse turned up on the Sunken City, but no follower yet.

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Yeah, there’s definitely a problem. I just tried again (I never normally take my horse, so I added him this time), and I’m still getting what seems like different results, but definitely evidence of a related problem. Both thrall and follower showed up on the island fine. I visited all of the underwater sections this time. Thrall and horse did show up in most of them, but took a bit of time to arrive - the little chamber with all the chests I ran around in circles for quite a while before they suddenly showed up. But there were also a couple of chambers where they didn’t show up at all. And one chamber (with the Captain Below, or whatever his name is) they both showed up in the water at the bottom of the steps, but when I entered the room they vanished - I could hear them nearby but they were somewhere outside - and my thrall’s healthbar was visible through the floor.

There’s definitely something wrong with following in the sunken city, even if we’re not getting the same results.


Whenever that happens I’m all

but in the Sunken City you feel so helpless! Thanks Dan.

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