Thralls not following in the Sunken City

Game mode: [Online | Official Server
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [US]

Thralls will not follow into the sunken city.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Go to sunken city
2. Jump in the water
3. Go to any Temple under the water
4. Notice thrall is nowhere to be seen, also can not command thrall to move or attack. Pressing square does nothing as if you don’t have a follower

It’s a know bug and their aware of the problem and will be fixed in one of the future updates

It does teleport into some rooms though. Including the boss room which makes the dungeon a lot easier

I guess I was pretty unlucky then. I had to fight the boss without my thrall. The boss wasn’t so bad but the 2 fish were so hard that enemies were respawning before i killed one of them. I almost lost my red mother torch and predator blade. Luckily i killed the boss and got to leave the dungeon. Not going back till its fixed.

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