Underwater dungeon is so buged don't go there

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***underwater dungeon
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Went there wrong food so left. Got out and no character, jumped, rolled nothing log out. Log In character respawned. Went back in thrall can’t be interacted with. Died. No point of death or where I died no loot from my own corpse. So buggy don’t go if u are not willing to lose stuff. Not worth it.

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I tried the dungeon a week ago with another player and encountered a couple issues:

  1. You are unable to open or interact with thrall
  2. after jumping into the water and doing the first room, the thralls no longer follow.


Same happened to me on Xbox, died in dungeon, went back and I couldn’t pick up my Thrall.

However, my Thrall was following me but my clan mate who I was doing the dungeon with wasn’t following.


Yeah, had that problem too. Thralls are not going with my character inside the last dungeon. Sometimes, on the first and second he appears, but them cant get him moving to the final steps of the quest. Sad

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Apparently Devs completely dont care about it if it’s over 1 year and they still didnt make it work right

In it’s current state, you’ll need to opt for a player team. I did it with another player and it took some time to clear the last room.

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