Bugs Observed Since The Warmakers Sanctuary Update

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As the title would suggest I have encountered several bugs since the Warmakers Sanctuary update. Five in total thus far. Some are easily elaborated upon, others are somewhat more difficult for me to describe. So please bear with me and ask any follow up questions you deem necessay. They are:

1) Shamalla the Pirate Queen Issue: Not sure if this is intended or not. Shamalla has no spoken/voice dialogue when spoken to.

2) Hollowbone Bow Issue: Is not currently funtional as it can not be equipped with Arrows. I am able to place it on the item wheel (hotbar). However every time I try to place arrows on them it simply equips arrows on the hotbar in place of the Bow. Therefore, it is currently not possible to load it with ammunition.

3) Hit Detection Issues: Whenever my thralls who are guarding my base run up and try to strike an enemy which strays to close, their hits simply go right through them. The enemy creatures do not even react to the thralls trying to attack them or aggro. Creatures do not begin to take damage or react to the thralls presence until I get close enough for them to see ME, then they react and sustain damage accordingly.

4) Rare Fish/Preservation Box Issue: When ever I try to place a single unit (1) of these rare fish in the preservation box it literally disappears. Oddly enough if I have two units of the same rare fish eg-a Catfish, and split the two then plce one in it works and is deposited into the fridge. Weird right…!?

5) Champion of the Warmaker Issue: not sure if this is intended or not either. Basically, his body simply cannot be harvested. No matter what tool or tier I hit his body with after killing him, it yields nothing. I know that I have already reported this elsewhere, but I just wanted to compile my list of bugs together in one place, and subsequently build upon it if necessary.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Interact with Shamalla the Pirate Queen and observe written text but no audible voice. Selecting the ‘Talk’ option also produces no sound.
  2. I tried to load 2 different Hollowbone Bows with 3 different types of arrows, but to no avail.
  3. Remain an unspecified distance away from your thralls and their target, then watch as they endlessly try to slay the oblivious creature. Then approach them and watch things function as they should when within a certain proximity.
  4. The Rare Fish in question is lost. It is neither consumed, deposited or retained in my inventory. It just disappears.
  5. His body does not disappear after attempting to harvest it either. I also manually spawned and killed another Champion of the Warmaker using the Admin Panel. However the end outcome was the same.

PS- regardless of these bugs it was a fun and challenging update. Thanks Funcom. By god this game is growing into a masterpiece!


Hello @Croms_Faithful, thank you for your submission!

Although we’ll be addressing them below, please make sure that you create one post per issue, as requested in our guideline:

This makes it easier for us to handle and process issues, especially if we have to request further information, as it will be the case here.

1 - We’re registered this one for the developers to look into, as it might not be intentional.

2 - Already aware of, as it has been reported in the past.

3 - We’ll need further details on this one, what type of thralls are you referring to and what equipment are they using? Do they have troubles with all creatures?

4 - We’ve just registered this one as well.

5 - We’ve sent note to the developers to clarify if this is intended.


Hi Hugo. Nice to finally make your acquaintance on the forum. Apologies for the incorrect report format, ie-a list as opposed to individual reports. Would you like me to re-post each one as a seperate thread, or leave it as is this time around? Just let me know. Either way here are the details:

  1. Sounds good, thankyou.
  2. All good then.
  3. In my case they are all Fighter thralls with the exception of one Bearer. They range from T4 right down to T1s. They all wear Flawless Light Armour, and have Hardened Steel Weapons. Some one-handed others two-handed. Based on where I have built, I only get Imps and Shalebacks wander by, then on rare occasions a corrupted shaleback. My base is on the south back of the Newbie River close to the border of the Jungle; coordinates J,4. There is a camp of 2 Exiles further east, however they dont wander over. It is fairly common for me and easy to capture. Would you like me to upload a video?
  4. If you need further details ask and I shall try.
  5. Thanks again.
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@Croms_Faithful nice to e-meet you!

No harm done, we’ve addressed this on our end so there won’t be any need. :slight_smile:

Regarding the thrall issue, we’ve also registered it with the additional details provided, a video of the issue in action is not required but its always appreciated as it may assist our developers with reproducing it!

The thrall issue has been around for a long time. I.e. - When I take a thrall collecting brimstone in the area north of the new instance you have white rock noses in relatively close quarters. My thrall will run over and start beating on the next nearest one without aggroing and without affecting the one still buried in the water. It’s problematic because the thrall is aggroing all over the place and if you are too close to Rot, well, it gets stupid. Fortunately, you can just walk far in opposite direction to reel him in. Not sure this is the same issue but the mechanic sounds familiar.

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:thinking: Hmmm. I think we are on the same page and saying the same thing here, In not sure. For the record, it does not bother me that the thralls race ahead and try to wail on the nearby creatures, I am actually relieved that that aggro well. For myself personally, the issue I am getting at is that whether the creature is lying down or simply wandering, their hits will not register or do any damage whatsoever until I walk within a certain proximity of the pair. I have observed thralls at my home spend a good 2-3 mins hitting the creature to no effect. However as soon as I get close to the battle, the hits then start to register and do actual damage. Is that the same experience for you Huzzah…?

PS- Hugo if you are reading this I will get the video uploaded in the next couple of days, Ive been having a bit of trouble getting a descent one.


Yes exactly. They will run up to a mob and mob acts as if nothing is going on. It’s all a part of the thrall wonky mechanics. I could go on for days.

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I think the issue is that enemies don’t have any natural aggro towards thralls. They only target players unless a thrall damages them. If the enemy is short or laying down, the thralls attacks will often just pass over it harmlessly.

When the player gets close, the enemy aggros, stands up, putting it in the path of the thralls attack, it takes damage from the thrall, then they finally start fighting.

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@Huzzah and @Aria_of_Sorrow Yes that is exactly it to both! I am actually slightly relieved that I am not the only one who has observed this. For a while there I thought I must have been special. :laughing: I sent a couple of gif videos of to Funcom recently (the forum was being temperamental), so hopefully there will be a fix in the pipeline. Thankyou both for lending your voices to this issue.

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