A Few Bugs Since The Last Update

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]

Since the Sunken City update and most recent hotfix, I have observed a number of bugs which were not previously in the game. I have taken the liberty of reporting them below, and will continue to add to the list if and where necessary. As always thanks for your continued player support and for one awesome game.

  1. During the Loading Screen -> the loading progress bar no longer appears, and the text showing in game play tips either appears sporadically, or often not at all.

  2. Sounds of Silence (Edited) -> The in game background/ambient music no longer plays, however the combat/enemy encounter music continues to. As silly as this may sound, it is almost as though I had switched it off in the audio settings.

  3. Hunger Related Issues -> I am uncertain if this is intended or not. The thrall and pet hunger options are gone entirely from the admin panel, and if I place any food in a thralls inventory or Feeding Pot, it will disappear instantly upon exiting the respective menu, regardless of stack size or type.

  4. Stutter -> Stutter seems to be making a bit of a resurgence. However, do not worry as it is nowhere near unbearable yet. I am just putting it out there.

  5. Missed Me -> Some NPC weapon blows are going straight through the intended target (called clipping?) without actually registering as a hit. Almost as though the intended target were a ghost. The first heavy hit for Daggers is one example. I suspect Warhammers may be doing this too, but can not yet confirm it.

  6. Cloaking -> The bodies of slain hunan enemys sometimes partially disappear, become transparent or ‘flicker’ on and off. However, they may still be interacted with as usual.

Thankyou all and may they be nice easy ones to rectify.

Steps on how to reproduce issues:

  1. Simply cut to a loading screen via the main menu or in game.
  2. Just play the game as per normal. It never plays no matter what the circumstances.
  3. Search for the hunger options in the admin panel then realise they are absent. Thereafter, place cooked food in both the thralls and pets inventory and feeding stations. Exit then re-enter the said menus/inventories. Re-open them to see that they have disappeared. Tested using various sized stacks of Gruel, Grilled Steak and Savoury Fish.
  4. Occurs randomly throughout the course of gameplay.
  5. Allow an NPC to try snd land the first bloe of a heavy attack on your character. Does not occur all the time, but frequently.
  6. Unable to tease out the cause. Seems to be random. Slay a human NPC, then watch their body ‘flicker’. From what I have seen thus far, does not affect creature/animal bodies.

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