A Second Newer NPC Missing Their Voice Dialogue

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I have noticed that Thorgar the Blacksmith has text when interacted with, however no audio dialogue. This is exactly the same as with Shamalla the Pirate Queen, as I reported recently in the following thread. I am uncertain if these are intended or bugs.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Collect all neccessary components for the Aesir armour recipe
  2. Talk to Thorgar the Blacksmith
  3. Note that he has text dialogue, but not spoken dialogue

Hello @Croms_Faithful, thank you for your submissions!

Regarding the Pirate Queen, it’s actually intentional that she has no spoken dialogue, we’ll poke the developers to see if this is also the case for Thorgar.

Thats ok Hugo, you are most welcome. While I wish she did have spoken dialogue, it is not a big deal. And at least now I can stop worrying about it. Call me presumptuous if you will, but given that Thorgar and Shamalla were implemented at the same time, and Thorgar is a ghost too, I will go out on a limb and say he probably is not intended to. Thanks Hugo.

Ps- off topic a wee bit here, but has there been any word if the Champion of the Warmakers body should yield anything when harvested, or nothing yet?

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No problem at all @Croms_Faithful, also no word on the Champion yet!

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