Shamalla the pirate queen Now she mute too

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug

Shamalla the pirate queen, she is mute or this is a small issue, cuz when i clik to talk the subtitle are showed but no sond

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Go to the floatsam
2. Talk with Shamlla and click in talk, nothing comes by

She was mute when they brought the overhaul and is intended since there is dialogue that tells what she says as far I know it was made that way

Also she is not the only one that does that. The one smith in the mounds of the dead is also mute as well

I thought he was meant to be mute, i.e. only talking in your head. That was how I interpreted it, anyway; I could be wrong…

All relative new thralls with dialogues are mute. Its cheaper :smiley:

Same reason the Warmaker bosses uses the sounds from the Barrow king :wink:

I confirm all the above reports.

Hello @LilkingsBr, unfortunately, this NPC doesn’t have voiceovers and there are no plans for them to be added at this time.

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