No voice or sound for my character

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Uk

I’ve been having this issue since early 2019 and while it’s fixed for other friends of mine as in their characters now tell and make noises mine does not. This is particularly annoying as I don’t get the drowning sound anymore should I take my eye off the bar so no warning is given…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log on to play
  2. Do any emote (that should have sound) no sound.
  3. Do any fighting / falling/ swimming no sound
  4. Basically I’ve become mute.
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Hello @Jambo_86, welcome to the community!

Are you using a male or female character?

Which voice type did you choose for it?

Does the issue happen in other servers or in singleplayer?

Male character with stoic I believe was a while ago. I’ve not tried another server but I will and hit back on that front. Kinda use the one server due to my clan being here. I know my clan members characters all make noise as I can hear them.

Can confirm on an old PvP server I played I have a voice. I’m now on pve server (the one where I’m a mute)

Thank you for the additional details, we’ll relay this to our team so they can look into it.

On a last note, do your friends hear your character making the sounds that you do not hear? And has the issue persisted after death/respawn?

I’ve been having this issue on single player for months with female, stoic (I believe) voice.

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My friends do not unfortunately hear me either. Seems I’ve well and truly lost my tongue.

And it never has returned since sometime in 2019 I think it was around summer time 2019 it went. I can die but still no voice. I’ve even checked the settings against a working server and all config is the same. Just a strange one all round. I’ll try answer any other questions you have to the best of my ability tho :smiley:

Anyone know if this is related to the female char I believe with the savage voice not working?

Is it now happening to other voice pairings?
Sounds like it from what you describe.

If I’m honest I’m not sure I was stoic voiced just know I did use that for PvP servers and guessing that’s what I used on the pve server where I’m having the issue. Could easily be the savage voice I used. I know my mates female characters voice stopped working but his has been working for a while again since. Guessing somethings been missed while fixing them all. Just hope they can resolve it as don’t really wanna reset my character for the sake of a voice :sweat_smile:

I’ve only ever had my current female char with savage voice. If she’s supposed to be a chatterbox I wouldn’t know :thinking:

Besides grunts I don’t recall hearing anything else from her. Maybe her tongue was cut out in some kind of Yog initiation or something :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahaha guess I’ll see you at the weekly mute support groups :sweat_smile:

Haha cya there!
You bring the coffee and I’ll bring the doughnuts :smiley:

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I have 2 female characters running on stoic voice and they grunt scream and make that wonderful crunchy sound when I jump them off something a bit to high yet they still survive. I generally start out with a Nordinhimer. Have not had a mute since probably 2018. Buy the way was your girl vocal to start with?

Do they just grunt then?
There’s no actual words spoken?
If she just grunts then mine does that.

I thought they spoke stuff like the thralls do when you go through their camps

And yeah that crunch sound. Lol

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@Cannipals no only the NPC,S talk. Also your followers.

Oh ok thanks. Just grunts then and that works

Then my female char is working. I think I picked the savage voice. I figured there was talking since that’s what was done when we could pick the voices.

Thanks @sestus2009

Hopefully the original poster gets issue fixed


Yeah I don’t even get grunts it’s a sorry state of affairs.

This is something that started long ago. Any more I don’t mess with female characters voices. Just because of the old days. Unless I am willing to redo character when I start new game

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