Character is mute and servers disappearing!

Game mode: [Online | PVP]
Problem: [Crash | Bug & Performance ]
Region: [EU but playing on America]

Hi Funcom!
My friend and I created a clan and played on a server for few days until suddenly we started getting lost connection with host error and when the PS4 is restarted the server disappears and cannot be found in neither search, history or favourites. ( it was an unofficial server)

Thus, created a new character on an official server, female and made a female character with Stoic voice, can hear friends grunting and making other sounds but mine is mute even with the flirt emote. Then also the local mic option is not visible, my friends can hear each other and other people but I don’t see the sound indicator or hear anyone!! Please help


Hey @xopurr

Welcome to our community.
Our team is aware of the female voices not working. We’ve send note about the voice chat icon.
Thanks for your feedback.

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