Voice Changed after Patch

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug |
Region: NA

Updated 1.39 (NA version) to 1.41 Character voice changed to another one. (stoic to Strong)

Just reporting it to report it. I’m aware there no way changed it on consoles. =(

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Update game and pray for best…

This also repeats itself on EU version, But that was patched from disc 33gb to full game. So kinda expected it.

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Hey @Sera67

That’s…an odd one. Sending note to our team about this. Were you using a female or a male character?
Thanks for your feedback and sorry about your voice change.

Female on both ends.

I Figured out EU one, (disc install to 1.41) do to voice list changes order after update.

But 1.39 to 1.41, I’ve been picking 4th one. Not sure what happen there.

NA install is on extended drive, and EU is on Ps4 HD. (since they don’t share installs and dlc)
Not sure if options are shared, save wasn’t anyway.

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my character has no voice. I guess it’s not normal, it bothers me a lot.:stanco:

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Thanks for the confirmation @Sera67.
@Aela, is your character using the “Savage female” voice set?


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Sorry for late reply.

I use Stoic. Character appears to be using Strong now.

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We’re aware of this issue in particular and we’ve put it in our Trello board for our community to vote on:

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thank you, I hope my character will talk again. :arrossire:

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