Female character voice bug

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Region: Eastern USA

I am emailing on behalf of my fiancee’s character. Her character is in a state of shock and has lost her voice. Quite tragic what the exiled lands can do to a person.
Joking aside, I have searched the topic and tried to fix it by setting voice volume to zero and back to 100 again. It hasn’t worked. I don’t want to recreate her character just because of her voice being gone.
If I do have to recreate the character to fix the voice bug, would it be possible to not reset the journey accomplishments and have feats/attribute points up to level 28? My fiancee is new to video games and having to start over will really kill her motivation.
Thanks for the help!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Create female character
  2. Select Stoic voice

I’m not sure of any fix outside new character, or trying some of emotes to see what comes out.

Stoic has few issues. And many of them patched, so some of “fix” topics are abit out dated.
At release Stoic was 3rd? listed voice) After several patches it got moved to 4th slot(or other way around)
Which caused most users to get a mans voice or lose it.

I use Stoic 99.99% of time (I restart alot) I would suggest…odd but normal fix.

Dieing and respawning. (make sure place gear in safe spot if drop loot on death is ticked on)
Most deaths count, and should work.

I don’t think it matter if you use bed or desert spawn point. Try ether, give arms few swing or small leap down to trigger the “ugh” when landing.

Depending on Server? Or Single Player. SP you got Admin Panel to messed around. (and can bump off many of journal entries, to level to 20. Or even Set lv to 28. (None of Admin commands effect trophies)

Hello @Beldoren, welcome to the community!

Did this issue first occur after the latest patch?

Besides the Stoic voice, do you recall the race chosen on character creation?

Is the voice missing on both her client and yours?

Additionally, please let us know if any of the suggestions shared by Sera67 help.

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