Voice bug, female voice doesn't work

Game mode: online
Problem: bug

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My female characters has no voice, exept when she is drunk and then is a male voice. I can’t understand why, other characters are ok but mine is broken. I wanna play this game but this issue is annoying… I mean really annoiyng. Can you fix this little problem for the female voice??

You might want to post this in performance and technical issues
To get a answer sooner. I have heard of the problem some time ago don’t recall solution… Good luck. …

Voice 4? (this was reported before a few months back, Not sure if they fixed it)

I thought it was voice 3 that had the issues with no voice playing.

Ok i’ll post this there and hope they answer me, thank for the tip

Hey there,

Our team is aware of this issue and they’re looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback.

Okok thank you

All female drunk voices are male. I hope it will get fixed.

ye but with the voice i choose (the savage one i think) she never speak…

Are they, I use Stoic (#4) and it sounds female. 0_o (alot like my friend when shes on her 8th or 9th)

As @Elitevincenzo, it’s the savage female voice set the one that shows this issue (at least that we’re aware of).

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