My character doesn’t have voice!

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [UAE]

Firstly thanks a ton for amazing game!!!
I’ve played it for over 100 hours building base and realized my character was supposed to have voice. She’s been mute all these time. It was created with Savage as voice selection. Now you might ask me about more detail like in every other player’s post. And after they provided the detail even screenshots the topic was closed without solving it. Please don’t do same with my topic. Please fix this and I promise you I’ll be the first ever person I’ll buy Funcom created next Conan game!! You’ll not only make me but everyone out there happy. I decided to write almost when I gave up playing game because of this. Hopefully you’ll fix it soon so I can continue playing this game. Thanks again for amazing game!!

  1. Like every other players reported about this issue
  2. Female character with Savage voice
  3. More info including screenshot in url below.
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Hey @Assassin

Welcome to our community and thanks for the kind words.
As you’ve mentioned, we’re aware of this issue and we have it up in our Trello board for prioritization:

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Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks for info. Any idea when are you guys fixing it approximately? At least can we have an option to change the voice?

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We unfortunately have no ETA yet. Apologies for the frustration.

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