No audio from character

Game mode: Online private

Type of issue: Bug

Server type: PvE

Region: UK

Hmm, I get no voice sounds from my character, i should have reported this sooner but i gotten used to my character being so silent. He doesn’t make any sound at all, combat, jumping, emotes, everything is dead silent, even the jhabbal claws. Unfortunately i cannot remember what voice i picked when i made him, but im lvl 60 already so i can’t make another to test out.

Maybe you should give us more details.
What race chosed your, what voice ?

I know about this happening with female savage voice, emote will play, but no sound often.

Male stygian, can’t remember what voice i picked

Yes, my characters didn’t use to be so silent, but since a while now I have the same issues. They rarely say anything and some emotes don’t say a word. I also can’t remember the voice I picked, but happens with all I think. Now I will play closer attention to this.

Hey @Talu and @miodeleo

As @Vattende suggested, could you let us know your choice of character and voice preset so we can inform our team about it? We’re aware of some players finding this issue with the female savage voice set, but we’ve not heard anything about other voice combinations.
Thanks in advance.

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Mine is male, cimmerian origin, but the voice I have no way of remembering, posibly stoic, but there is no way I see in game to look that up.

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If you’re playing online private, and you’re the admin, you can use the Pippi or CharEditLite mods to view & change voice & other such things.

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Unfortunately the admin of the server is keeping the server as vanilla as possible, no mods.

Thanks @miodeleo, we’ll relay this info to our team.

Hello @miodeleo, and hello @Talu

Are you completly sure that your character “didn’t use to be so silent”? Or he/she was always mute?

Juat FYI, in my current build, I picked Learned voice. I noticed he was silent after viewing this thread. When viewed with the CharEditLite mod, he was indeed set to Silent. I’ll check other voices tonight and let everyone know what I find. I’m playing on my private gPortal server, btw.

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Ignasis, here is what I have from messing around today, checking each just after character creation. This is with only Pippi & CharEditLite installed, on both Singleplayer and my private server.
Strong - Male7
Stoic - Male8
Desperate - Male2
Learned - Silent

Strong - Female7
Desperate - Female8
Savage - Female3
Stoic - Female1


Both of my old characters are completely silent: Female Savage voice.

However, this past weekend I made a new character with the Female Savage voice and she makes all sorts of noises. The one thing I did differently this time is that I didn’t touch the height slider at all since I’d read that adjusting height can cause issues.

Sure would be nice if I could hear my other characters though. Note that all 3 are on the same PvE Official.

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This is the reason why we struggled initially to repro this issue, as new characters do not show this issue. Characters created before a certain patch do have this issue though, and our team managed to isolate it.

@weylund, thank you for the incredibly helpful list. We’re sending it to QA and see if they can repro it on their end.


Does this mean our older characters will be having their voices restored in a coming patch? :crossed_fingers:

That would be the ideal situation. Our team is looking into it, although for the moment they’re focusing on some other higher priority issues.


Female Savage is know for a while for being silent.

But i must admit that i didn’t experience with male chars lot to say.
But seems @weylund is on a great way to show us some details more.

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