BUG - Savage Female Voice no sounds on some Emotes

i use big laugh but she just animate and no sounds sometimes there will be sounds after death then a few mins theres no more sounds i always hear her when she get hit by any enemies just only that, i use seduce but theres no any sounds even i reset but my friend has stoic voice and the deep one they always have sounds just the savage only i hope this one will fix :frowning:

Hey there,

Are these issues happening in an online server or while playing offline?


happening in online server 1334 idk if this is only for server Asia

This happens on all online and single player too.

Yes! im not the only one who encountered it

It happens with other voices too, I might have to take some time to map all emotes wich have no voice over for female at least.

If you have the time that would be great to get an extensive report on that.

Hey there,

We’ve informed or team about this issue. It would be incredibly helpful if you could help us narrow down which emotes in particular are not playing the voices correctly.


Wait, the emotes in this game are supposed to have audio attached? I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything but grunts and screams from any of my characters (all females using savage voice). Which emotes are supposed to have dialog or sounds attached? O_O;;;

FWIW, I’ve played on officials, private, and single-player, and have never heard my characters make any noise on any emotes, other than hearing their footsteps when dancing. I always assumed they were silent. :frowning:

Almost in everything wont have an audio sometimes i reset the game then only big laugh and polite laugh has sounds then after i died thats it nothing sometimes it brokes sometimes only few works nothing all

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Thanks, I’ve sent it to our team. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much i hope this fix fast we my friends really love this game :smiley:

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