Current character is not reproducing any voice

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU. #1100

Hi. For some reason my last created character is voiceless. NPCs, environment and other sounds are working just fine. I’ve tried to log in another server - and actor there have voice too. The problem is in current character only.

Any way to fix this?

  1. Some people said, the problem begins from character creation process. I can’t prove of disprove this.

it may help the developers if you can remember the following details about your character creation:

Gender (well obvious to figure out but listing it)
Voice option chosen
did you make any changes to default settings for height etc

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I have the exact same problem.
So there’s no gasping when sprinting or jumping, grunting when attacking and so on.
I’ve picked a female, with ‘Savage’ voice setting.
Made a lot of changes to the default appearence, height, size of… stuff ^^ and so on.
The race I can’t remember and I also don’t see an option in-game to check it.

My buddy who I’m playing with can’t hear anything, except the (obviously standard) emote-sounds like clapping and blow-kissing. It’s a lil bit immersion breaking.

Edit: I checked again by creating a new character. The race I picked intentionally was ‘Zamorian’.

I believe I’ve seen other players report issues with the “savage” voice option for females … a while ago though … so hopefully more reports will prompt Funcom to give this more attention and help direct them to a solution…

Hey there,

You’re absolutely correct @Kwalya, we’ve received reports earlier mentioning the lack of some voices when selecting savage female. It would be really helpful if you could provide us with the information stated above: race, voice option and other modifiers selected when creating your character. If any of this information is sensible, you can also send a direct message to me in case you don’t want it shared publicly.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

I have this problem on both of my female characters on #1502, and also experienced it on older characters in both single player and on an old private server. In all instances, I had used the “Savage” female voice. So after all these hours, I had just assumed that there was no voice acting in this game.

At least, that’s what I thought until I heard one of my friend’s character (a male) making a crazy racket while performing the Khitan Dance… And another player’s using a different female voice performing the Cheer emote.

When I do either of those (or any others), my character is completely silent, other than the sound of her footsteps on the ground. It’s actually more disappointing now that I know that they’re supposed to make noise. I thought perhaps that maybe they weren’t rendered on my computer but that others could hear me, but that’s not the case. My friends have informed me they can’t hear my characters either. :frowning:

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As for character creation details, since I was making twins (name Alis and Alexis), I did copy down what settings I used so I could get them as close as possible. I got these values by first creating the character in single player, then using CharEditLite to read off the values.

Afterwards, I then joined Official PvE #1502 and did my best to eyeball the percentages I read off from my single-player save…

Gender: Female
Race: Vendhyan
Religion: Mitra
Voice: Savage

Head Options:

  • Face 2, color 1
  • Hair 5 (ponytail braid on Alis) OR 1 (short hair w/ plaits on Alexis), color 4 on both
  • Eyebrows 1, color 5
  • Eye Shadow 7, color 1
  • Lips 3, color 2

Face Details:

  • Jaw 12%, Chin 0%
  • Cheeks Width 34%, Height 22%
  • Nose Width 17%, Scale 59%, Height 37%
  • Mouth Thickness 21%
  • Ears Angle 0%, Scale 100%
  • Eyes Scale 62%, Angle 57%, Spacing 15%, Color 14 (light purple)

Body Features:
Nudity: Full
Physique 20% on Alis OR 0% on Alexis
Breast Size: 90%

On the finalize screen, I then choose Edit and set their names to ALIS and ALexIS respectively rather than having it use the names of my two Steam accounts.

Anyway, hope this helps…

20190107111558_1 20190107111744_1 20190107111758_1

EDIT: Added screenshots. Changed nudity version to None so it’s SFW (in case that matters), but during creation it was on Full.

Euuh, so lovely having a silent girl around for once.

So while where at it i vote for - “no voice” option, it’s a complete and utter blessing.

I wondered how long it would last.

Since the last update, I lose my vocals, whenever use a combo attack. Regular attack alone does not cause the loss, nor does the finishing attack, just when I use a combo. I tried it with the legendary two handed Adventurer’s sword and also with the two handed Star Metal sword. same result. Further testing is showing loss of vocals using any attack mode on a creature or human. This is happening on a dedicated pve server.

Could it be, that this issue has to do with a general sound bug I’m also experiencing?
Sometimes it happens that there’s no sound at all when fighting.
It happens on a regular basis that all the sword clashing and enemy flesh cutting sounds go absent for some time.

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