[Xbox] character/character creation menu bug

Hey funcom this bug happened yesterday when I downloaded the latest update for Conan exiles on Xbox. As soon as I got back into my server my character looked different his entire face was not the same and his voice had changed like it was a different voice type or something… it bothered me so much that I chose to recreate my character but when I was creating my new character for some reason half of the voice types we’re gone it wouldn’t allow me to choose anything past the “Learned” voice type like it wouldn’t allow me to scroll down to the other voice types. My friends are also having the same issue. I really hope you guys can fix this or do a hotfix soon

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I have (personal) issues with the new character creation system. My SP character and other characters in PvP Official Servers have all changed. I find the new character creation system too limited. Seriously, no option for red hair? Limited face types. I tried to recreate the look of my original character in a new Official Server and the new one is nowhere near the original look. Hopefully this will change on the launch date (08-May-2018).