Female voice during have drunken, headache

My character is female and I heard male voice when she was drunken or has headache.
It would be nice to append female voice for female character.

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That’s sure ! me to.

But for me that’s more a bug than a feature worth a suggestion, it’s simply the way it should be.
Hope they will correct it… one time in the futur.

Hey frost!

Could you tell me if this is in single-player or online play, please?

It’s online play on official pve asia server in PS4.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: I’ve reported this to the dev team.

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My female character on a PvE gPortal pub also has this issue when drinking potions. If it matters, I believe the voice I chose at character creation was “Savage”.

Thank you! That helps us pinpoint the bug even further

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