Character voice has no sound? What's going on?


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[Is this game broken?
I bought this game on Playstation 4 last night
All of sudden in the beginning of the game my character isn’t taking or no voice from it at all
I checked settings in audio and nothing seems to fix this.
This game is updated? So what the hell is going on
Fix this please. ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Do I need to start over again? My character is not making a sound

Are you kidding…I demand help I bought this game and it needs to play right.
I want this fixed I don’t see anyone with this problem.



Funcom is in Normay (if I remember right) there not always here.

Rrrrrr So… ummmm
Ok, so your character doesn’t speak really at any point outside grunts or getting hit with Ahhhh! sounds.
Your not hearing grunts as you jump? or get hit? Which voice if you remember did you pick? (so can try it)

I use Stotic for my girl, havn’t noticed issue.


I’m from Canada (North America)
I’m not hearing no sounds when I use my fists to swing or kick.
When I jump i don’t hear no grunts.


I picked voice 4th one I believe.
I don’t understand if my game is messed up
I want this fixed.


Omg this is wrong .I feel I want my money back if this ain’t going to be fixed or they need a new patch.
Every other sound works.


Will you fix this game?
Will I have to play the game with my character mute?
Will it fix it self eventually or if I move to another place in the game?
I haven’t tried the game yet I will be home in a few hours to try.


Hey Carsauce!

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the game. I just wanted to ask some follow-up questions and clarify a few things.

Your character won’t grunt or make any noise when you swing your fists or kick. They should, however, shout when finishing a weapon combo, grunt when jumping, and cry out when falling from a great height.

Did you hear the character’s voice when you first created it? Are can you hear anything if you turn down all the other sound options except voice? Sometimes the jumping grunts can get drowned out by the music and other sound effects.


I have the same problem!
My character is female and she is completely silent exept when she is drunk - then she does male (!) burping sounds. And I also hear when she clapps, so it’s only about the voice. She was like that from the begining as far as I remember.
I play with a friend (on an official server) and I can hear his (male) character when he makes emotes and jumps and all that stuff. Therefore the sound settings is not the reason.


As a lady who has burped(did I just admit that)… really isnt much sound difference. =p

But ya, the same sound file, seems to be used for both sexes, (since release) I’d have check clap.

I ran thru few character on my 2nd psn, havn’t noticed it yet.


Thank you. Based on similar reports from other players I can only conclude that this is a bug. Do you remember which voice you picked? Was it Savage (the 4th option)?


It was Savage but it is the 3d option for me.
I’ve just tried to create a character with Stoic voice (4th option) and she did “oooh” when fell off a rock. Then I’ve created another one with Savage and she makes no sound when falls.


I can confirm it is indeed Savage that’s affected, which sucks since it is my favourite voice among the option for females, but only having only emotes vocalized is really weird, since logically Savage should be the most vocal one in battle.

I guess I’ll experiment with the other voices, apart from Stoic, to see if they’re affected too.

EDIT: Seems Savage voice set is working fine for me now, Desperate is fine too.


Thanks everyone for the additional information. I’ve reported this to the team :slight_smile:


I use Stotic myself, Outside drunk burp sounding manly… Never noticed really anything off.
Only have polite clap, didnt get a chance try other this character.


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