No Enemy NPC Dialogue

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [Here]

I cant say with absolute certainty that this is indeed a bug, but it would seem to be. I have noticed that since update 38 (human) enemy and friendly NPCs alike no longer initiate dialogue or talk/mock us. For example, they would often say things such as “enemy at the gates”, “I will rip you apart”, “watch your flanks, me and me mates are thick as thieves”, “a true Nord never backs down”, etc. It seems to not occur with not only hostile factions, but also our tamed thralls. Perhsps the new noise effects have overwritten or surpassed them? Pure speculation.

Sorry to load your Bearer’s Pack up with another Stone, I mean bug which needs addressing guys. :sweat_smile:

PS- completely unrelated, but just FYI considering my mode and platform, thus far we seem to be unaffected by the thrall HP bug.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Approach any hostile NPC
  2. Alert them to your presence
  3. Notice that they no longer speak

A few people have noticed and posted similar instance, and Hugo answered, so I know that they are at least aware of the issue. I can only assume they’re working on a fix.
The original post is here : No animal sounds?

I thought it only happened on pve-c servers: PS4 Performance and technical issues - Feedback thread

There are a few threads about it: NPCs not doing their "war cry" before attacking

Ok thanks @blunadz6196 and @Dzonatas.

It looks like it managed to find its way into Offline Singleplayer mode too Dzontas. However, at least I managed to avoid the Thralls on 100 HP bug.

I think Ps4 was lucky enough to miss the thrall bug from what I’ve gathered in other posts, I could be mistaken, but I haven’t experienced it personally on ps4.

Looks like I confused lag issues with no animal/npc attack sounds. I think we need a video to help clear it up.

And, I haven’t seen the 100 hp bug.

This will help see there is no dialog sounds.

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Yeah that pretty much sounds like it (or rather doesnt :wink:) Dzontas. They no longer do their ‘taunt’ after becoming aware of your presence.

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Hey there @Croms_Faithful, this is certainly unintended and the team is aware, so it should be addressed in an upcoming update!

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Awesome. Thanks Hugo.

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