All npc dialogue sounds are gone!

Game mode: (Online official)
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: [EU]

[After the last major update (8 Oct update )
All NPCs dialogue, sounds are gone! they don’t talk neither make any sound of any kind animals included and monsters when you hit them hurt them they are muted my thralls included
simply there are no sound interactions between player and NPCs fighters thralls and animals and monsters

And the PC Hotfix (09.10.2019) update did not fix it as well
i tried to verify the game files ,reinstall the game but it dose not fix the bug]

will the next hotfix update fix this problem !?
i hope the staff see my post and do their best to fix this bug and every other bug and i’m sure they will eventually :wink:

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They aware of this issue. No character voice sounds or enemy sounds

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You welcome!

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