No animal sounds?

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [ Bug]
Region: [US]

Is it just my PS4 being buggy or is it happening to others? I came upon a Reptilian Monstrosity and it made no sounds. Except for walking. No groans or growls…nothing. Then my pets joined into the attack…in complete silence. It was sooooo strange.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

From others reports of the new sounds you may be the lucky one.

He aint that wrong… they make way less sounds.

Why not have an option for animal or npc sounds…

I don’t mind the trawl sounds at all…Except I think I need healthcare for them now. So many of them have a cough they should really get checked out. Price of being a CEO I guess. LOL.

Anyway, the issue only a problem because you can’t tell you’re being attacked until it’s too late.

I’m on the PC version. I also have lost animal/creature/human sounds. No growls or groans. Only footsteps… No hiss of a Croc for example so you can’t hear them coming! Disappointing…

Hey @dniezby, thank you for pointing this out, we’ll be sure to notify the team so that it can be looked into!

Does it happen consistently and only after the last patch?

Hi @Hugo
I confirm @dniezby’s observation.
The last patch introduced tuberculosis … but the women thralls seems happier according to their new vocal patterns :slight_smile:

There are no sounds on animal/npc attacks. I had crocs, spiders, and black hand following me, and I didn’t know it until I turned around. It is consistent since the last patch, 8.10.2019. It happens, silently, on pvp, pve, and pve-c servers.

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Yeah, it’s just since the patch.

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