Weird sound bug

Online official (#1506)
Sound anomaly
Player: Janzig


Playing on offical server #1506. Ever since the latest patch, I have a regular growling sound when in the game. It sounds like either a dragon or crocodile growl/roar and plays every 4-6 seconds. also, when I attack it seems to occur as well.

Repeatable. Been constant since the update. Its like the game thinks I am an animal, lol. Not game breaking but rather annoying and distracting.

Any one have any explanations or fixes? Thanks.

It’s a know issue where players have animals sounds as their voices to be honest I did not think riding my friends about the game would make them part horse :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Temporary fix, until funcom patches it.

Make a Orb of Nergal aka Vanity table, change player voice.

No more growl

You can change it right back if you liked the voice.

This is PS4 Updates and Bugs. There are no vanity tables on PS4 yet.

Ok I’ll up date

  1. Buy a PC
  2. Make an Orb of Nergal
  3. Throw away PS4

:smiley: Just kidding. Sorry I didn’t know Consoles were so far behind.
I thought if you had the bug, you would have the Orb / Vanity table too. sorry.

While I agree(Since I play on PC as well), it is unfortunate that PS4 is lightyears behind. I play PS4 mostly still since most of my tribe is still playing/down to play, but they dont all own PCs(or at least capable PCs).

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