Attribute Corruption QOL changes

First things first the negative to stamina is ridiculous and makes the character very difficult to play. Looking at 90 stamina after corrupting to the 50% point if you want the top-tier abilities, and if you’re in for a penny you’re in for a pound. Making it less appealing to use the corrupt attribute feature.

The other problem is with the capstone abilities oftentimes being far worse for players, sometimes being an almost comparable experience if it wasn’t for the negative to health and stamina for no real gain. Alas, the health and stamina negatives far outweigh their positives.

For example, the vitality capstone does a corruption burst if hit. Looks great, feels great, but damages those not fully corrupt in your party even with friendly fire off. This ends up being a non-starter for any player that wants to play with friends that aren’t corrupted as it damages all friendly players.

The capstone for authority summons a random demon, that will attack your followers and you as it’s uncontrolled.

There is no ability to corrupt agility so you’re leaving out anyone that builds that.

Finally, QOL, to figure this all out and tweak your build the way you want you to have to retrain all abilities from scratch. Requiring grinding out tons of thralls just to change one point out. I would suggest adding in a minus corruption feature for player ease of use. Why this wasn’t included with how little coding would be needed seems like short-sightedness.

I would also suggest taking into account how horrible it is to play a full corruption build on stamina. Forcing players to look for stamina increasing armor, potions, food, and anything else just to be able to play the game. It’s clear the beta testing wasn’t inclusive enough to bring about how flawed the corrupt attribute system is, and how it’s mostly a drag to play.

Who in their right mind thought sprinting for 5 seconds, barely being able to do a combo with your weapons, and half health was a good idea on the dev team? Are you guys okay over there, or are you trying to throw shit at the wall to see what sticks?

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There is an attribute called GRIT.

You want to hit like a truck while running like Sonic the hedgehog at the same time? No way.
You gonna choose one or the other. That’s the logic of 3.0

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Also jhil gloves work wonders and your not forced to max out corruption.


Grit maxed out, corruption still sucks balls. The minus to health and stamina is too harsh to make any meaningful dip into corruption relevant for players.

There is no logic to 3.0. You’re asking players to choose between playing the game normally or playing the game disadvantaged with some comparable abilities at best. If the best choice and the only choice is to play normally without corruption. Making it pointless to have in the game.

I’ve played a few different builds but they all tend to suck. I watched a few people attempt to play different builds on youtube, they also sucked when I attempted the same thing.

When the original far surpasses the new builds, there are clear issues with the design and execution of the new abilities.

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You’re not forced to do anything, but the corruption abilities tend to suck compared to the normal ones. Also adding in scales with corruption attribute kind of means if you want the ability to actually do any meaningful amount of damage you’ll need to invest heavily in it. Pound for pound the corruption mechanics are worse than just playing normal.

It’s like the developers didn’t even do the math to see if they were comparable, or if the basic builds players would use were actually viable. I rarely if ever died playing a normal character. I’ve died and lost thralls more times than I can count playing any variant of corruption.

Also, why would you design something in the game that is horrible to max out? Like, make corruption interesting, fun, and worthwhile to max out on. Don’t punish players with horrible capstones that aren’t usable around non-corrpt players. Even worse add in abilities that actively harm you by summoning in a random uncontrollable demon. It’s a rookie dev mistake, and it seems like all the energy of development went into the battle pass system.


Think what you like. I’m basically invincible, can fight forever, run clear across the map without stopping and I one-hit almost all humans and most range animals.

Yeah, but “run across the map without stopping”, how?


Could say the samething about anything else that was modified. Cold armour barely exist now.

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