Why you can corrupt strength and authority and vitality but not agility ? ( pls dev allow us to corrupt agility )

im still confused let alone same question can be asked on encumbrance , grit and expertise

if they want allow to focus on offensive stats such as authority and strength then why not give us option to corrupt agility ??? im legit confused , that means if you want to go full corruption sorcerer build you have to either choose between strength or minion master authority and going agility will be just handicapping as you can’t corrupt it

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I would love a corrupted agility perk tree, maybe in the future they’ll make one

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I believe Den said “At this time” which suggests we will see the others.


I agree with what you pointed out Erjoh, it does seem like it’s coming with a statement like “At this time”.

source ? i can’t find it

source ? i can’t find it

OK so I lied. It’s not "at this time"but “Right now it’s just these three attributes.”



question is when he metnon ( right now its just these three attributes ) does he refer to adding it in new build for test live ? or on release ? or future updates , its very vague

I think the 3 are it for this revision. I don’t see this changing this time around so we will probably have to wait 3 months.

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it means you MAY see them, it’s not a promise. everything we do has a cost, be it time, money, resources (art is sometimes a bottleneck for our team), so we have to plan everything we do in the time we have. for this release, we knew how long we had to make the feature, and we decided to do the three that felt the most natural for the concept of “corruption” - so if anyone is confused about why they can’t corrupt EVERY attribute, that’s why!


Thanks Den. I’m actually cool that you are taking it slow because that tells me you aren’t just throwing crap out but really taking the time on this and taking into consideration as much balance as you can. Truth be told I would start with only 2 and see how the player base…creatively uses these corrupted perks for maximum gain so you exceeded my expectations. I’m a console player so I’m used to waiting anyways.

So you hear that all? Buy and buy often. Consider it a commission of charge where you want the artists to do something for you but they have other priorities. You got to show your priority has better benefit to them.


Ditto. Would really like to see Agility get some kind of enhancing option in the future though. Perhaps some kind of Paragon or Purifying or Virtue enhancement (opposite of corruption)? Three attributes for evil corrupt players and three attributes for good, virtuous players (agility, authority, and expertise)?

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oh i see

No such thing! We’re all monsters!


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