Corrupted Perks 3.0

we already got a glimpse of the perks of normal attributes after Andy and JordeeKai’s live.
I’ll post the images I printed, and what about the corrupted perks, does anyone knows what they are and what attributes could be corrupted?

Strength vitality and authority can be corrupted, they only showed the first two strength, i have the whole vit and authority(used to be called charisma) trees, im sure someone can send you a link if not in afew minutes ill post the screens i have.

I dont remember the first strength one, but the second was mule kick, which if im not mistaken they said it launches them a small amount and gives knock down

Corrupted strength 1 is additional damage that ranges up with the corrupted strength perk

what a shame, the last authority perk is missing. =/
This new system is looking really cool.

Look at this first corrupted authority perk… +60% damage with 20 points in auth.

Couple that with the fact that they said certain pets youl be able to have multiple of, like 3 zombies

I was hoping to get Corrupted Agility. With the new deft weapons and bows being strong against sorcerers. “Can’t cast spells with an arrow in the neck”, I wanted to see something for us more sneaky types.

Fingers crossed it is in the works.

i’m gonna make a mod with this.
just need some ideas for corrupted agility, grit and expertise perks.
i have some ideas, like expertise increasing explosive jars damage… XD

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That would be interesting indeed. I mean, we used to have penetration. I realize that is pretty powerful. While Sorcery does appeal, really was hoping for something that would give the bow a touch more oomph. A bleed maybe? I am just grasping for things at this point.

I would love to see what your ideas are though.

1.Every successful attack restores 1/3rd stamina used
2.when struck you regenerate stamina
3.blocking an attack grants bonus damage to your next swing
4. Every missing 10% of hp adds x armor


  1. Each consecutive attack cause % more damage
  2. Double jump, no fall damage
  3. When target is below 50% x boost of armor pen
  4. Every x roll costs no stamina
    5.(if you do animation n such) maybe make the dagger backflip become a flip behind opponent, and turn camera to opponent

1.Crafted weapons now cause corruption on hit
2. Vrafted weapons cause double effects (ex 2 sunder per hit)
3. Orbs are %more effective, weigh less

Just a few ideas to get you started, look forward to seeing it :slight_smile:

I have to admit that those are great ideas you came up with.
I saved them.
As soon as the test live devkit comes out, I’ll start working on the mod.
Formerly it was a private mod of a PvP server and another RP, but I’ll make it public in the next update.
Using your ideas, I’ll give proper credit ^^

No need for credit, im not doing any work, i just had an image of all those fast paced angry evil warrior tenacious types who seem to never run out of stam for grit, and the stereotypical elite evil assasin character for agi. The type that jumps in fast and hot using tricks until slowly they get gassed and killed by the hero character

Best of luck :slight_smile:

All uncorrupted perks in written form (for easy copy & paste):


1. 20 Perk - Choice 2 - Structural Integrity - Structures you build are 25% more stable.

Hmmmmmm. This is very interesting. I presume this means that blocks will ‘save’ the added stability when you respec. If not, boy is there going to be some chaos.

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I feel the same way, this has been a question on my mind since day 1 of live weve been chugging yellow lotus

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