More Corrupted Perk Ideas

Heyo, it’s me again, stuck in a situation that I can’t get out of so here I am just trying to spout off nonsense to pass the time.

So I already made suggestions for corrupted Grit in another thread, I just wanted to throw more suggestions at FC

Corrupted Expertise:
Perk 1: Gruesome Feast - You are immune to Food Poisoning and may now eat spoiled and rotten foods. You may also consume Blood or Demonic Blood to sate your thirst.

Perk 2: Unliving Embrace - You no longer suffer ill effects from befouled air, can breathe underwater, and are immune to temperature effects.

Perk 3: Crushing Swings - When carrying a heavy load your attacks cause 20% extra damage.

Perk 4: Diabolic Engineering - Building costs using a Construction Hammer are reduced by 50%.

Corrupted Agility:
Perk 1: Sinister Strikes - Deal additional damage to enemies afflicted by negative status effects, scaling with your corrupted Agility

Perk 2: Foul Reflexes - Fall damage cannot reduce you to below 10% of your health.

Perk 3: Corrupted Weaponry - Bleed and Poison effects caused by your attacks now last twice as long.

Perk 4: Demon’s Dance - Stamina costs of Dodging are reduced by 50%.


Change Stout to - Your armor is by increased by an amount equal to your maximum Stamina. Because lets face it, the current iteration isn’t even close to the alternative in usefulness.


Nice ideas, most of the names seem very good as well, but this one finds the final perks a bit chewy.

Demon Dance: Having putzed around with the coming Age of War, stamina discounts on rolls may be a bit of a tough balancing act. This one forgets, what weight class is the sorcery summoned pinnacle armour? Also, the real stamina hog is going to be heavy attacks

Diabolical Engineering: That’s a pretty hefty discount. To be fair, one has sacrificed the ability to get more or better resources during harvest to get to that point, but it still seems a bit much. This one would lean more towards a Fiendish Artifice perk that did the same, but worked from crafting benches rather than the construction hammer, including a reduction in activation cost for things like the teleporters.

Regardless, this one definitely approves of the direction and concepts at play.

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How about diabolical pockets. When you die, your equipped gear respawns with you. Back pack items still stay with your body.

The second perk in grit seems too similar to the 3rd perk in vitality. Replace poison cloud with acidic.

Also perk 2 in agility is too powerful. Make it immunity to cripple

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I actually thought about something along those lines, but since it’ll basically be a server setting in the next patch, I wanted to go for something that couldn’t be accomplished server-side.

For this I also took into account the upcoming durability changes, which will now be more apparent on your tools for losing perk 1 on expertise if you go corrupted. You lose the extra durability, gathering efficiency AND half your stam and health. The tradeoff should be worth losing full encumbrance movement or extra stabillity.

Quite right. I changed the wording. Essentially, the whole point is that the player no longer breathes air.

I agree on this point, but a perk related to reducing stamina for heavy attacks seems more Strength or Grit related. If not reducing the stamina cost, I also wouldn’t mind the corrupted dodge being twice as fast with a near-instant recovery time.

Corrupted Agility Perk 4:
Demonic Reflexes - Your dodge moves twice as fast and has a greatly reduced recovery time.

Actually, I like your idea better than mine. If I’m a sorcerer the ability to run and shrug cripple would be a godsend.

Corrupted Agility Perk 2:
Relentless - You are immune to cripple and other effects that cause loss of movement control.


I like the list and I’d be happy to just get a perk that made me immune to temperature effects honestly

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Corrupted Agility:

  1. Serrated Strikes - Your attacks have a chance to inflict bleeding on enemies, causing damage over time. The chance and damage scale with your corrupted Agility.
  2. Phantom Reflexes - Dodging no longer consumes stamina and grants a brief period of increased movement speed.
  3. Venomous Precision - Your attacks have a chance to poison enemies, dealing damage over time. The chance and duration of the poison scale with your corrupted Agility.
  4. Shadow’s Embrace - Gain increased movement speed and reduced stamina consumption while in dark areas or at night.
  5. Evasive Shadows - Successfully dodging an enemy’s attack grants a temporary damage boost and increases your chance to critical strike.
  6. Deceptive Mirage - Your movements become swift and unpredictable, making it harder for enemies to land hits on you. Additionally, your dodge distance is increased.
  7. Swift Execution - Deal increased damage to enemies below a certain health threshold, based on your corrupted Agility. Landing a killing blow restores a portion of your health.
  8. Elusive Guise - When you are hit, there is a chance to temporarily turn invisible, evading further attacks. While invisible, your movement speed is greatly increased.
  9. Viper’s Bite - Your attacks ignore a portion of the enemy’s armor, allowing you to deal more damage. Successfully landing consecutive attacks increases your attack speed temporarily.
  10. Chaotic Agility - Randomly gain a temporary boost to movement speed, attack speed, dodge distance, or critical hit chance during combat. The effect has a cooldown between activations.

Corrupted Expertise:

  1. Eldritch Alacrity - Decrease the cost of all magic-related actions, such as spellcasting or using magical items. Increases the potency and duration of your applied buffs.
  2. Malevolent Aura - Emit an aura of dark energy that damages nearby enemies over time. The damage scales with your corrupted Expertise. Additionally, the aura provides a small healing effect to you and nearby allies. Increases your maximum carry weight by a percentage of your corrupted Expertise.
  3. Demonic Architect - Building and crafting structures using Demonic materials require fewer resources. Demonic structures have increased durability and resistance to damage. Increases the efficiency of resource consumption when building structures.
  4. Shadow’s Veil - NPCs and creatures are less likely to detect your presence, granting an advantage in stealth and avoiding unwanted encounters. Increases your critical hit damage. Additionally, reduces the stamina cost of sneaking and sprinting.
  5. Abyssal Corrosion - Your attacks have a chance to corrode enemy armor, weakening it and making them more vulnerable to damage. The chance and duration of the debuff scale with your corrupted Expertise. Additionally, increases your damage against armored targets.
  6. Cursebringer - Enemies that strike you have a chance to suffer from debilitating curses, such as poison, bleeding, or cripple. These effects have an increased potency and duration. Additionally, grants damage reduction based on your corrupted Expertise.
  7. Forbidden Lore - Gain increased experience points for discovering and unlocking new recipes, technologies, and knowledge. Unlocks the ability to craft unique and powerful artifacts. Additionally, grants bonus attribute points based on your corrupted Expertise.
  8. Infernal Endurance - Increase your resistance to environmental hazards, such as lava or toxic gases. Increases your damage reduction and provides a chance to ignore crowd control effects. Additionally, increases your maximum health by a percentage of your corrupted Expertise.
  9. Unyielding Craftsmanship - Reduce the decay rate of placed structures and increase their overall durability. Structures also have increased harvesting yields. Additionally, reduces the stamina cost of construction-related actions.
  10. Potion Mastery - Enhance the effects of potions, elixirs, and consumables, granting greater bonuses and longer durations. Increases your overall healing received and provides a chance for potions to not be consumed upon use. Additionally, increases the effectiveness of healing effects from consumables.

These perks offer a variety of powerful and unique abilities to further enhance your character’s corrupted Agility and Expertise, providing new strategic options in combat and exploration. Just a list of ideas I had thought this would be a good place to post.

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