Stamina buffs while corrupted

Hello Exiles

Excuse the ignorant question

I’m after all the different ways you can buff stamina through consumable potions etc.

To clarify, I know Herbal Tea will renew stamina. I want to know how to increase the stamina value I currently have. Not simply renew it quickly.

I’m playing a corruption build but my stamina is so low!

Funcom please offer a solution for playing corrupted but having ample stamina.

Any ideas?

Put points in Grit.

Yeah I get that, but the corrupted build I’m running only had a little leftover for stamina. So now I’m asking the community for help with how to buff stamina- because I don’t know everything about this game.

Please respond with something helpful.

Thank you.

I did…
If you need stamina, there is gear, food & potions that offer stamina (potions are currently bugged), but obviously Grit is the best option. Best of luck to you.

In fact, don’t run a corruption build. All those seemingly delicious corrupted perks are there only to compensate your loss of massive health and stamina.
Bring some cleansing brew or a dancer. Cleanse youself once the sorcery is done.

  • Armors: champion’s helmet and boots, redeemed legion tasset, godbreaker helmet, gladiator armor (delving recipe). I almost exclusively use heavy armor, if I use light, it is for gathering, or the darfari set which gives strength.
  • Bile of grit (it will prevent you to apply standard weapon kits to your weapon tho, but gives +21 stamina) from MiGos on Siptah.
  • Cooked moray eel, jungle rum, purified flesh from Yog (I have to test this, but I think it stacks with the other food or drink).

As sad as it is in this new Age of Sorcery, this is the conclusion I’ve reached too. Outside of a few niche situations (such as bats and lightning in PvP), Corruption doesn’t properly compensate for the serious drawbacks it has.

I’m going to offer you an alternative to more max stamina, that being less stamina usage. If you are using Agility for damage (honestly the best path if corrupted tbh) a short sword is by far the best weapon to use. Its light attacks cost a paltry 3-5 stamina.

If using strength, there is a kit that reduces the stamina cost of attacks. Mileage will vary.

Rolling costs a fixed % of your max stamina based on your armour class, so increasing your total won’t do anything. Attacking, sprinting, climbing and blocking are obviously were you’ll feel this the most on a corrupted build. Increasing your total stamina with what others have suggested is all you’ll get in that regard.


Doesn’t the fencer mod lower stamina usage?
Not sure…

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It is the balanced. Fencer will increase the light damage!

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Ahh! That one yes!

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Yep, and if you can afford to raise Agility all the way up to 50, choose the perk that lets you attack for free after a dodge. Full corruption build is the only build where I’d pick that perk over the double-jump.

Just curious - what’s so appealling about double-jump aside from being mario?

Makes it easier to travel in so many places. Jumping over rocks and stuff you’d otherwise need to climb - as well as jumping over your own thrall who has decided to block you in a corner. And in the Volcano, being able to jump across lava streams is super useful.

Mobility, especially in PvP makes you hard to hit

@prologue1337 @Kapoteeni Thanks!
That’s big usefulness we are talking about!
A couple of days ago I got chased by a gang across half the map for 20 min. Despite having quick-footed and big stamina pool, I ended up being killed. If I had double-jump and got where they can’t get, things might’ve been different.

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