Realtalk: My opinion on the current attributes and perks

I just wanna give my 2 cents on the current attributes and perks in Conan and what a PvP player with 4000 hours thinks. I took the descriptions from the wiki and will double check those later with the real game.

Strength_Icon Strength

This gives +1% damage bonus per point. It is good as it is right now.


Every blow you strike with a truncheon deals 100% more concussive damage.

Basically gives you double the concussive damage.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Salting the Wound

You now deal 15% increased damage to enemies affected by negative ie. crippled, bleeding, sunder.

Just another small damage boost, if you use poison on your weapons.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Slice and Dice

Each light attack you do inflicts 10% more damage.

Nice damage boost. Fits into strength. Pretty boring though.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Brutal Strikes

Each heavy attack now deals 15% more damage.

Nice damage boost. Fits into strength. Pretty boring though.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Blood-mad Berserker

Whenever your hitpoints fall below 25%, you deal 50% more melee damage.

This is too weak for 50 points spent into Strength. 25% HP, if you fall below that in a trade of attacks, might save you from dying, but that happened so rarely to me, that it doesn’t justify so many points into strength. Also with the new high damage META from horses, thralls and cat pets, it’s basically useless, since you die so quickly.

:x:Rework needed

Agility_Icon Agility

Gives +4 armor per point and reduces the time needed to act after a dodge roll. With the new roll it is a mandatory attribute to have on at least 20 now.

Iron Endurance

Sprinting drains (25%) less stamina.

Mandatory perk for PvP. So useful when you chase people or move around the world in general.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Cat-like reflexes

Falling damage is halved.

I got nothing to say.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Effortless leap

Jumping no longer costs stamina.

This is so useless, unless you are running a Mario build. I chased someone who used jumps over normal sprinting, because he had this perk. Well, he ended up dying, because I simply caught up. Maybe replace this with a longer jump bonus.

:x:Rework needed

Nimble Tumbler

When dodging, your armor counts as double.

Seriously, I use dodging to completely avoid damage from the enemy. Why does this perk exist?

:x:Rework needed

Extended Leap

Jump while in the air to do a second jump.

This is very useful if you want to scout bases and steal stuff from players, who have a weak base design.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Vitality_Icon Vitality

Each point gives you 8 HP points and increases the health regeneration for healing items. (I did not test the direct effects from vitality on potions and the new food).

Funcom could change this to give +10 HP/point so you can have 700 HP as a player in total. This would help a bit against the high damage horse/sabretooth/thrall META.

Deep Breath

Your breath timer is doubled.

Well, not really useful for PvP but I can see it’s purpose. Basically everyone has this perk so it doesn’t give you an advantage.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.


All temperature effects are diminished.

Doesn’t say by how much, but it’s useful. Again, every PvP player has this perk anyways, so it doesn’t give you an advantage.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Fierce Vitality

You gain passive healing regeneration.

Nothing special. Some simple passive healing to heal off the health lost from fall damage for example.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.


Increases the healing effect of consumables and dancers significantly.

This was the most important PvP perk before the healing system changes. Now it adds 50 extra points of healing to an aloe extract, 80 extra points to a concentrated aloe extract and 100 extra points to a pure aloe extract. Who cares about bandages though. It also increases the healing of food. For example roasted haunch goes from 6 HP/3s to 9HP/3s.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Gluttonous Gains

Eating food now counts as a healing potion, and provides a (10HP) healing burst at the beginning of the regeneration effect.

Sorry what? This perk does nothing!

:x:Rework needed

Accuracy_Icon Accuracy

Increases the ranged damage by 1% ? per point. Also improves accuracy when firing out of walking.

Eye for Injury

Crippling shots are more severe.

Must have for every PvP player who wants to do something with bows/throwing axes vs other players.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Trick Shot

Shots fired from your bow will ricochet if you miss your target.

To do what exactly? I heard this is used by PvP archers to shoot in front of the enemy to make arrows miss less, but I think this does not work and this perk is useless.

:x:Rework needed

Steady hands

All ranged and thrown weapons do 10% more damage.

Neat damage to amplify your ranged output. Too expensive for throwing axes in a melee build though (you only use these to stagger running enemies and cripple them a bit anyways)

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Flattening Shot

Heavy shots fired from your bow can push back and knock down enemies.

From the wiki: “Damage is severely reduced from 39 to 40 due to this perk.” This perk is very good if you want to annoy raiders in base defence. But since it bugs out your bow damage, it is bugged and should be fixed.

:x:Fix needed


Every headshot deals 50% more damage.

Well, in PvP bow is never used to deal damage. You want to shoot the enemy legs in order to cripple and slow them to land more arrows on them. This perk, especially for a 50 points perk is useless.

:x:Rework needed

Grit_Icon Grit

Gives you 3 stamina points per grit point.

Strong Grip

You use 10% less stamina whenever you climb.

You climb a lot so this is mandatory.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Barbaric Tenacity

You gain an additional 10% stamina regeneration per tick

Mandatory perk for PvP. Solid and good.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Iron-hard Muscles

You gain a natural resistance to damage.

This perk is a JOKE. 15 armor points! That’s 4 points in Agility. Come on Funcom…

:x:Rework needed

Fluid Swings

Your basic attacks cost less stamina.

If basic attacks mean light attacks, then this perk is useless, especially with 40 points in grit. (unless you use a bow, but still too expensive)
Swap this with a better version of “iron hard muscles” and it might become useful for PvP archers. Otherwise:

:x:Rework needed

Artful Dodger

Dodging costs less stamina. Stamina useage is decreased by 25%

You use light armor for that. Nobody likes to roll in heavy armor, because it is too slow. Too expensive for any medium/heavy armor build as well.

:x:Rework needed

Encumbrance_Icon Encumbrance

Gives 7 encumbrance points per perk point. You can carry more stuff.

Balance and Counterbalance

You deal 10% extra melee damage while over-encumbered, but swing using 10% less stamina when not over-encumbered.

Mandatory for each PvP player.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.


Crippling effects are less severe.

Very good perk for PvP. Makes you less of a target for archers or throwing axes.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Pack Mule

Your max carry weight is increased by 10%.

Decent perk, but is trashy when you get the “Momentum” perk. Could use a buff to 15%.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.


You have a chance to ignore armor and shield durability loss when hit.

What chance? I repair my armor anyways. (or lose it and the enemy has to repair it).
So it’s a worthless perk.

:x:Rework needed


While over-encumbered, you can move at full speed.

You will hate me for that, but this perk is OP and in serious need of a replacement. You can run away with your base with this perk, when you get raided.

:x:Rework needed

Survival_Icon Survival

It reduces the length of debuff effects per point by 2%? Also has some other effects which I am not really aware off.

Raw and Bloody

You do not need to cook raw meat to avoid food poisoning.

Useless for PvP, no one goes survival for PvP anyways. This never helped me, because now you don’t heal with food and you can always cook something very quickly.

:x:Rework needed

Hard Worker

You harvest resource nodes twice as fast.

Awesome perk for farming.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Efficient Butchery

Every animal harvested provides extra resources.

Awesome perk for hide farming.

:white_check_mark: Fine as it is.

Antidote of One

Invulnerability to poisons and diseases. Strength of detrimental status effects are reduced by 20%.

The last time I checked this perk it wasn’t working correctly. It kinda gave a chance to be immune to poison. For this price it is just bad.

:x:Rework needed

Bronzed Physique

All direct combat damage you take is reduced by 10%.

Awesome perk but no one goes for it in PvP because it is too expensive. Might need a buff or changed to a lower tier perk.

:x:Buff needed


The attribute and perk system absolutely need an overhaul. Expanding build options would make PvP more exciting and encourage cooperation. It would also increase the replay factor for PvE players who “complete” the game.


Thesis statement: the attributes and perks need a partial overhaul given that some attribute perks are good and some attribute perks are not good.

Ok, given that analysis… and assuming everything said is true… what replacement perks would you all suggest? Or if no replacement, how would you rework the current attribute perks to make them work?


Great post SirDaveWolf. I agree with the vast majority of you individual perk assessments. The only 2 I differ on are more likely due to mode differences. But from your own standpoint as a PvP player I completely understand your rationale. I wont discuss all of them individually, but will ad lib on a few of the standouts. Here we go…

One of the two straight off the bat. I disagree to an extent. It is not bad as is, I just wish to see it reverted to the pre-nerf 25%. However, overall I can live with it as is. For me it was a nice little grind saver for Singleplayers while battling World Bosses. I seldom saw any complaints about it prior to the nerf, so I never saw the need to ‘rebalance’ it. This may be one of those modal differences.

Completely agree. It is somewhere around this point we beging reaching for healing items. Running around on <25% health is simply too risque on any mode.

Agree. I love this perk and I rarely ever without it. And I love cats! :cat2:

Agree again. It feels a tad bit pointless. Sadly I do not have a suitable alternative to suggest, but this perk is more a consequence of the point investment as opposed to a strategic one.

I absolutely, 110% agree with you. I actually used to use this perk quite often before it was changed, and I wish to the gods that they would change it back. For any newer members out there, it was previously:

“Nimble Tumbler: When dodging, your armor counts as one weight-class lower than normal”

Essentially heavy dodged at medium speed, medium at light speed, and so forth. It used to make both medium, and especially heavy armor more competitive. Now it is as you said, pointless, as the dodge system encourages perfect timing to avoid damage…not absord it. Funcom please consider changing this back.


I 100% and wholeheartedly support this, and suggested the exact same change, include the same 10 hp per tick numerical values, myself quite recently. This would also reduce some of the health pool disparity between players and thralls, while benefiting Singleplayers and newer players. Glad to have some support on this issue. Thanks SirDaveWolf.

Most know my thoughts on this already. I am going to offer not going to comment further on this, otherwise the thread will likely diverge into a seperate, one track debate.

I have heard of the plight of this perk. Very sad, as it greatly helps when soloing dungeons on Singleplayer. Perhaps it is only broken, as opposed to nerfed. I can only hope so.

While I have never really used Archery builds much myself, I agree. It really should be bumped up on the list of priorities to fix. It devalues an entire build, and nulifies and point investment beyond 39. This seriously, just like Glutonous Gains needs a fix!

Argee again. See Agility perk 3 for my perspective on this, as there are exactly the same.

Number two. This one is where I primarily differ from your point of view. For me as a purely Offline Singleplayer, and hence a one man workforce, this is a godsend and a massive labor saving device. But I understand your reasoning, and the difference is purely modal. For Singleplayer it is beneficial, whereas for PvP it is destructive.

Agree with your assessment of both perks. Both downright handy to have.

Honestly SirDaveWolf, I dont think that anyone goes for it in either PvE or for that matter Singleplayer mode either. It is just not work the Attribute point investment. I do have a couple of alternative which I suggest, but I will save them for a seperate post. Survival perk 4 is much the same; it is just not enticing.


Nice job, i think the attributes and perks are in need of a serious rework. I just want to point out the having 50 points in one attribute is very expensive but the 5th perk shouldn’t be “better” than the 4th perk unless you want to specialize your character in that attribute. This means that the 5th perk should not be OP, but something more specific or tactical, if that makes any sense…

I believe some perks should give the player the ability to mount horses and some of the perks should have more benefit from being a mounted combatant. Also some of them should work together, like strenght and encumbrance, but that would a bit more complex.

Now i disagree with a couple of your reviews, but this…

No, it’s not fine, what is this? super smash conan bros.? Double jump was a mistake and should have never existed. It must go.


Great thread. Agree with folks on here, the perks are just broken af. PVE and PVE benefit little to nothing from some of these last tier perk buffs…

TBH… investing in warpaints / fish and elixrs etc now with the horse meta are pretty moot as well. In fact the game has kinda of reduced itself to best of breed horse taming, poison pikes and “Who hits first wins” outcomes.

PVE… press E on boss, sit back and watch youtube as you grind your vaults/dungeons for crap loot to justify grind to get thralls (Siptah anyway).


Playing the “Early Access” card would have worked had the game been just developed, but taking a established game and turning it back into a Early Access get of jail free pass,isn’t working either.


Really thorough analysis, thanks.
For the most part I’m in agreement (and @Croms_Faithful covered most of where I might disagree or want a slightly different change), so I’ll try to just add a few brief thoughts (because I’m so good at brevity :wink: )

Blood Mad Berserker - does anyone like this perk? Seriously, I’d love to hear an argument from someone about why this perk does have value to them.

Effortless Leap - meh, whatever. Fairly useless (but at least it doesn’t have some sort of requirement where it only works if you’re below 25% stamina :wink: )

Nimble Tumbler - yeah, I used to want this one, because it sounded good until I remembered why I dodge… I really like the suggestion Croms_Faithful made - I didn’t play back then, so didn’t experience that version, but it sounds far more worthwhile (without seeming unbalanced - unless that would be an issue for other game modes?)

Gluttonous Gains - IMO this is just an issue of the perk being broken currently - it was decent, hopefully they can come up with a fix or a replacement. Maybe something as simple as ‘food gives an initial heal boost of (around half the value of an aloe potion - since there is no movement penalty)’? (Or does that work out badly for PVP?)

Trick Shot - honestly this seems more of detriment than a perk - (very) minor issue of not having the potential to collect arrows that missed (but does anyone care that much about that?) - any deliberate trickshot that could successfully hit, might as well just have been aimed at the target (I’ve never seen anyone use this to hit a target they couldn’t have just directly aimed at - is that even possible?). Plus I’ve seen occasional shots bounce off armour - presumably without the perk they just wouldn’t have done damage anyway, but it still feels worse…

Flattening Shot - wouldn’t know - the bug issue overrides any potential relevance.

Shafted - while my experience in PVE is that bows are still mostly just for shooting legs to cripple, I can see this one being useful (if the stat was functioning properly). I had planned on running my next character as an archer, because I never have, but right now it doesn’t feel worth it. As a concept, for PVE, I can see this one potentially being ok.

Iron Hard Muscles - I usually end up with this one (because I like stamina), but yeah, the perk itself doesn’t do much. Just spitballing something that could replace it (suitably low-powered, maybe doesn’t unbalance anything?) - how about when climbing you can stop and hang still to regain stamina, rather than having to find a ledge? Hardly something people would go out of their way to get, but also provides a little bonus to something specifically stamina related.

Fluid Swings - if it applies to heavy attacks as well, I’d say it’s ok (not great, but ok) - could definitely do with a bit more clarity on what ‘basic attacks’ means.

Artful Dodger - actually the one time I kitted out to 50 Grit, this did have a noticeable effect (felt like a decent difference from even 49 Grit - from the time I miscalculated and didn’t actually have the perk…) - that said, whether that benefit is sufficient to justify a 50 perk I’m not so sure.

Deflection - not sure I’ve ever bothered trying it. I’ll generally take encumbrance to 2nd or 3rd perks, or all the way to 5th. Like you, I repair stuff before it breaks…

Momentum - as Croms_Faithful pointed out, this one can be useful in singleplayer - you can imagine how long it takes to transfer anything without multiple players helping. But I can also see what you’re saying about the harm to PVP - if someone can run away with their whole base on their back, raiding would seem a little pointless. But how often does this happen? Surely they would need to either already be in Encumbrance spec (so bad in a fight) or would have to have time to respec and pick everything up (is there long enough for that between a raid beginning and the attackers getting in?) If it did get re-worked, it would have to be replaced with something that can fill that same niche for singleplayers, which could lead to the same problems for PVP. Not sure what the solution is on this one TBH.

Raw and Bloody - I’ve never used it in PVE either - only reason I’ve ever had it is on my way to Hard Worker. (That said, it does occasionally save me from food poisoning when I accidentally eat a baby turtle instead of putting it into the taming pen, lol.)

Efficient Butchery - honestly, this one’s always felt pretty useless to me as well - by the time I can afford it, I really don’t seem to need it…

Antidote of One - last time I used this (couple of weeks ago, definitely after Siptah came out), it still seemed to be working - protected me from poisonous snakes, corruption effects from wights etc. Significant reduction to bleed times also seemed nice (though no longer so relevant in the new healing system). This one’s actually a perk I quite like late game for certain PVE content - it’s much more ‘Conan’ to be able to charge up to a Giant Snake and chop it to pieces :wink:

Bronzed Physique - like you say, great but there’s always going to be somewhere more important to spend the points. Although, to some extent that’s going to be true of all 5th perks, just because of the points costs associated with that degree of specialisation. (And at least you don’t have to be at 25% health for this one to do something…)

Well, so much for brief :wink:


They all need a re-vamp.
Also we need Critical hit and Miss. - Accuray would play a role.

Even farming should be critical hit sometimes, like the black stones in EL.

Attributes are not good to say it easy.
I wonder how many players that quit this game just because of the encumberence annoyance.

Easy for you guys when you ran around in 5 months with 50 points in all attributes…

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I disagree about the RNG part (critical hit, miss).

Pure RNG is just bad game design.

Guess why Valve Software changed pure RNG to pseudo RNG in Dota 2. (Though, I generally dislike any form of RNG)

That was an exploit and not intended.

I didnt mean totally rng crit hit, more accuracy more %.


I also think agility would do good with % chance of double hit chance. Many other ideas for other attributes aswell. Anyhow for that the game should open a door to players to specialise further at training the avatar itself or training on crafting ability and ignore the personal gains. Which does not exist.

Right now its cookie cutter 40-50 vitality. Other attributes are very situational which is a bust.

Most other things are locked under item power and those attributes only complete the item power; instead of items completing the base attributes and giving minor power to base character specs and completing a character build.

Naturally all full functional builds (actually your items, consumables and npc followers; not your avatar) ends up exactly the same and is nothing without those items and npc followers.

This one seems acceptable, but should be on the earlier levels. Investing 30 points to get 1 hp/sec seems worthless, most of times you will be getting 30 vit for the extra health instead. When you get points into a tree just because of its innate bonus (8 hp per point) instead of its milestones, something is wrong.

This one is a joke, and on top of that its the 50 points one xD

extremely niche perk that will be ignored by 99.9% of the playerbase, doesn’t seem right

Its from long, long time ago, back when 15 armor used to be relevant. Funny how systems change but perks, a core part of the game, is left behind into uselessness

40 points to save some repair kits, and while you are probably avoiding damage anyways (since you will be using 50 enc). contradictory and very little use

I don’t understand why would a perk only benefit leather/meat. Its not like these things are scarce anyways. Do you get extra unique items like horns and whatnot?

This one is useful for PVE vs scorpions/snakes, 4th perk seems a good price for it too. It can be weak in pvp if bugged, i think it would be nice when working properly, considering that everyone uses poison

Does’t seem like a survival perk, don’t know why its there.


This one seems a bit too strong, even at 15%. Consider that you need 30 and 40 points to get a similar amount of extra damage with light/heavy attacks, while Salting the Wound gives for free! Regardless of how you deal said damage, if the enemy is debuffed, it will apply the bonus. Its much more reliable/stronger than the following perks, considering how easy it is to apply any kind of status into your enemies. Cripple, bleeding, poison and so on.

Its a complicated situation, if you keep as it is, its much better than the following light/heavy perks (given the lower cost and numbers), but if you buff the these two, they become too strong. I think that putting Salting the Wound as the 4th perk with 25% would be the best alternative, a strong perk with high cost justifying it, while also giving a reasonable position to the light/heavy attack perks.

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Here’s a thought, and I haven’t spent much time thinking about the application (so there could be some overlooked errors in it), but what if the final perk in each line “doubles” the effect?

Strength: x2 melee damage
Agility: x2 dodge speed
Vitality: x2 health
Accuracy: x2 ranged damage
Grit: x2 stamina
Encumbrance: x2 weight carry
Survival: x2 all resistances (poison, armor, etc)

Bodin, that is not false.

Agility seems to give 200+ armor (for 190+ over total amount of 390 points spent ? and still it is nothing compared to 1000 armor crafitng gives). But about speed. Not a big difference.

Vitality gives alot more than x2 health with the boost to health and faster healing.

Same for Grit and stamina pool; although stamina doesnt seem to recharge any faster.

Encumbrance is allmost as OP as Vitality. Very usefull.

Survival seems to help more about eating and drinking less aswell as chilling or getting exhausted by heat less but not as good as +%60 rate. It doesnt slow down or stop bleeding. Damage reduction is only %10 at the last perk for only in combat physical damage.

Anyhow, the real deal is the usefullness of perks but also any point spent after the second perk being too expensive for the worth.

I personally allmost allways get

Survival 1 (sometimes 2) , Encumberence 2 (sometimes 3), Vitality 3 & +, Agility 2 (sometimes 3), Grit 2 (sometimes 3) . Because my gameplay consist of wandering, building tiny settlements, raise pets and keep moving around the map , alot.

I am having hard times about Strength and Accuracy after the changes; since item power decides allmost anything and the characters I build seem to twist anything even without perk 3 of strength or accuracy but cant perform fair enough without the basic support of other skills. (Ps about performance: This CE specific Lag which automatically moves the avatar and drags it away in the middle of the dangerous spots is a killer)

As a single player only, my main concerns are:

  • If you want to get the final perk and max out one attribute, the remaining points are just not enough to do anything spectacular to characterize your build. You are either an expert in one attribute, or just a little bit of everything.
  • You can have infinite feat points by consuming FoP or Tablet of power but no posibility to gain some extra attribute points. My suggestion: take 10 feat points of the Tablet of power, but give 5 or so attribute points to it.

I don’t know how it would affect PvP, but I’m almost certainly sure that this would cause some chaos.

There have been suggestions before for this as well. For example: “Gain extra 50 attribute points for your next character when you escape the exiled lands (finish the game)”

The thing is, if you can gain attribute points until you are maxed out, then the whole attribute system becomes pointless. Funcom should however either increase level cap to 75 65 or give some more points to spend in total. And make the last 5 levels require a lot of experience (similar to the Diablo 2 lvl 95+ character levels).

EDIT: not level 75, but 65.

I agree that 5th perk from encumberance should be removed. It makes the caravan rhino, camel and bearer useless.
I would like agility to increase animation speed for weapon/bow attacks, dodge rolls and climbing by at least 40%. Would make it awesome for some interesting builds.

(Continuing my education in how PVP works) That’s really interesting to me to see you say that - my assumption (with no knowledge of game design) was that the level cap was primarily for the purpose of PVP balance - the need for max level characters to not be so far ahead of starters that the starters can never catch up. Is that not the issue that I thought it was? Or is it more that going a bit higher would still be within reasonable range but would allow for the greater flexibility?

I actually meant 65. 5 more levels. Not 75.

This would mean 65 more points to spend. And those points would make 50 point perks more attractive (now you can only achieve 50 perk builds with special armor and buffs + warpaint, mostly 50 Strength or 50 Vitality. And buffs + warpaints are super annoying since they only last 1 hour).