Can we have Perks fixed / reworked?

I’ve been playing Conan Exiles for a really long time and the thousands upon thousands of hours Steam makes me belief I have had fun with the game begin to stack up into scarry teritory. Though besides thinking that you guys from Funcom have done good work in the past and also made good on obvious mistakes you have made, the Perks are a total mess ever since the game has been released. I could propably write a dozen pages or more on the subject, but here is my brief overview:

Strength: Oddly all 5 Perks are working as intended and none of them are overly powerfull or useless.

Agility: Puh, that’s one.
20 Agi Cat-like reflexes - falling damage is halved (thx for changing this in the past so players can no longer jump from the sky)
30 Agi Effortless Leap - jumping no longer costs stamina
50 Agi Extended Leap - jump while in the air to do a second jump
These 3 perks are all rather a gimic than having actual use in-game.
Every point of agility adds 2 points of armor, something specially light armor characters would like to use. The most powerful perk reached at 40 agility, Nimble Tumbler does nothing for light armor users though. On the other hand medium and heavy armor users love this perk, but have a very bad investement to suffer, since those additional armor points they gain from agility are almost entierly useless due to diminishing returns.
Generally I would think that design is a good thing, but since so many of the other perks along the way have no real use, the perk seems oddly placed to say the least.

Vitality: Good job on nerfing the 30 Vit perk, that was much needed. Now if you could change the description of the 40 Vit perk from 100% to 25% as it is and make any use of the 50 Vit perk, that would be nice. My suggestion, swap it with 50 Sur perk Bronzed Physique.

Accuracy: Oh well …
10 Acc - Eye for Injury - crippling shots are more severe. The text reads as if this perk would make the slow effect from the cripple effect even more potent, which isn’t the case. Instead this perk is a hidden damage buff off about 20%, no matter if it goes into the leg or any other body part.
40 Acc- Crevice in the Armor - increases the armor penetration of any weapon you wield by 50%. This perk does not work, neither on melee nore range weapons. Has been the case since long time, long enough that I cannot remember if it ever worked.

Grit: The first 3 perks are a good example of how perks should be balanced, but than come the last two.
40 Grit - Fluid Swings - your basic attacks cost less stamina. Besides not working, this perk is utterly missplaced. Players going for 40 Grit or even high do not run out of stamina due to swinging their weapon, but dodging. Even if this perk would work, its usefullness is highly up to debate.
50 Grit - Artful Dodger - dodging costs less stamina. This is a very powerful perk, but at the end of an attribute nobody needs to skill that high, unless they want to climb impossible pillar bases. Perhapse it would make sense to swap it with the 50 Agi perk.

Encumbrance: First 3 perks are doing a fine job, well balanced.
40 Enc - Deflection - you have a chance to ignore armor and shield durability loss when hit. One word, useless.
50 Enc - Momentum - while over-encumbered, you can move at full speed. The most game breaking perk there is. First a player gets all the nice carry weight for skilling Enc up and than there is even a better reward at the end of the line. I would move this to 50 Sur perk instead, give the most powerful perk to the most useless attribute.

Survival: Again, first 3 perks are well done, although it would be nice if the 30 Sur perk Efficient Butchery would read the number 25%.
The last two perks are combat perks and I have no idea what they are doing in the survival tree. As suggested earlier, put other “gimic” stuff in here like infinite carrying perk.


the bouncing arow have to be replace by something actualy usefull

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I like the bouncing arrow to be honest. I have gotten good at trick shot. But I feel like for most people it should go.

I mainly use it to shoot the ground to clip the legs of enemies.

Truwly the second feat should be complimentary.

10% chance to bleed on a heavy snipe.

Even 15% would be fair. This is also not OP.

sure it sound nice, but arow bounce on target sometime, and axes aswel, plus archery could use some sort of buf these day

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Sorry but I disagree: Raw and Bloody is the most useless perk of all the game imho. It gives you a solution to a problem that’s not no more a problem after 10 mins of game (the time to learn and build a campfire, now you can also take it back from the ground, so problem solved forever).

Survival needs a better first perk.

Plus Hard Worker is so more powerfull than Efficient Butchery, they have to be switched imho.

Speaking in general the problem of Survival is:

Str -> melee dmg
Agi -> armor
Vit -> health
Acc -> range dmg
Grit -> stamina
Enc -> weigh carried

All other attributes, even without perks are usefull because directly influences main character stat values.

Survival “It affects how easily you metabolize food”… The problem is, even playing all the time with 0 of Survival, the hunger/thirst problem is solved in an hour of play.

Then your problem will be to remeber to eat and drink, and a little preparation for long explorations, but it will be really rare your problem will be finding food (a little more water, but nothing you can’t handle without a single point in Survival)

This mechanics could works in a hard survival game, but CE is not.

Last thing: I think Gluttonous Gains and Bronzed Physique have to be switched, there’s no point in giving a total encoumbrance perk like Momentum to Survival imho, it makes little sense.

No it wasn’t. At least on pve/single player.
I can understand that this may have improved 1 on 1 combat on pvp but it has made the perk all but useless on the other modes.

Was it a nerf? The only response I got on a very long thread I started was that it was a “visual bug” I haven’t seen any word other wise.

Why for the love of yog can we not get admin panel sliders for these things? Set it back to how it should be for pve and keep it stingy for pvp.
What works for pvp, cripples pve/single player.


It certainly was not needed. As an Offline Singleplayer, healing has never been more tedious or more of a resource drain than it is right now. Time spent grinding too if I count the increased frquency with which I need to gather resources as a result. I often have to climb up a tree or a rock and gradually heal before I can return to battle. Few things in this game have ever outright angered me, however this is one of them. I cannot stress enough just how much more difficult this has made life for Singleplayers.

I do not entirely agree with this either. Iron Hard Muscles is only 15 additional points of armour for an investment of 105 Attribute points. That is hardly worth 26% of our total Attribute points.


To be straight and honost the 1 on 1 pvp is terrible. You RARELY hit each other unless you exploit grit and spears. The combat system needs alot of polishing before this can be a 1 on 1 pvp game in the likes of the soulborn games.

So if you aren’t yet, in pvp combat you want all grit and all encumbrance with significant vitality. Then you use the spear, which is the only weapon that can hit a character that is walking away from you and cause bleading until they die.

So the health perk adjustment just sucks all together lol.


Well @jesstheripper as we seemed to agree on in a previous thread mate, I feel that Encumberance needs to be boosted. I dont intend to argue any specific numbers, but we should get more additional carry weight for each point we sink into it than we currently do.

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For survival this is an idea some people in my clan came up with:

Make survival have some sort of tracking capabilities. For example, the last perk should be a perk that allows you to see footprints of other players for a certain amount of time (like 5 minutes). And the fourth perk should maybe be something to do with losing no stamina while running at someone who is bleeding? Something to do with chasing wounded players.

Those two possibilities would make it worthwhile putting points into survival past the 3rd perk. Right now, the 4th perk is pretty much useless because of antidotes and whatnot, and the 5th perk is 100% useless because you can just put 4 perks into agility instead and wear medium or heavy armor for the same effect.

Turning survival into a tracker of sorts would be strong, and there would need to be some counterplay. Maybe the footprints/trail only appear while a player is sprinting? All I know is that having tracker perks on a useless stat would make survival armor decently worthwhile

Moving on

archery definitely needs a fix, the only reason I put points into it is for killing enemy thralls in huge open bases

Agility armor gain is worthless, it needs to be a %. Plus .5% per point maybe. But then we would also need to nerf the lower armor class roll because heavy armor would become OP

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I’d be pleased if the attribute was solely devoted to survival roleplay. Tracking amongst the perks would fit the theme like fire to a fireplace. Maybe each perk would allow us to track things from specific survivalist’s fields. The more points we put there, the more we get each time we track whatever it is we track (and with each perk we learn a new field to track).

No need for timeframes necessarily, at least when it comes to tracking other players. It would be sweet, but rather difficult to pull off I’d say; the player tracking part. If we need some sort of a limit, since we speak of tracking, perhaps allow us to focus on only one field at a time.

AS far as the vit nerf, i am starting to actually like it.
It does add to survival, and now i can’t just free dive over short cliffs, knowing in a few seconds my vit 30 will recover it. And food is not hard to regen it, along with 3 or 4 aloes just in case.

Any time a nerf hits the game, it is always blamed on PVP. Sometimes they see how people are playing the game on all server types and realized that survival starts to be down the line in what people are doing on the game.
Keys to survival should always include materials logistics and fear of the environment (both wildlife and terrain). SO falling off a cliff should be just as dangerous as an NPC or, in PVP , another player.

I think it was more of a need for SP/COOP to nerf it, as in pvp, if 2 players are even remotely skilled at fighting, they both benefit from the nerfed vit stat.

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Believe me, for pvp there definitely needs to be a limit on how long the tracks stay. People like me who prefer raiding and fighting over grinding resources would literally just roam in groups of two checking all the hotspots on the map until we found a trail. And it wouldn’t be too hard if the tracks never disappeared.

Plus if someone finds you and the tracks never disappear, you’re never truly getting away until you fight them or show them where your base is. The trackers could just pretend to give up and ambush you while you’re doing stuff a bit later or follow you to your base. There definitely needs to be some limits to this

I’m not talking about actual trails (at least not necessarily). Whatever I’m going to suggest, it is related to tricking the player. I’m like a magician this way. My thing is to provide illusions. To me a feature doesn’t have to be realistic. As long as it’s based on realism, I’m good coz I know I’m gonna enjoy the illusion provided to me without immersion interruptions.

I know. The related intricacy and this are why I don’t think tracking players would become a perk. However, tracking other animals and materials would be way easier to provide.

This is why I suggested that only one field could be tracked at a time. Everything else related to survival will balance it out in their own ways. Depending from situations, one might need to sacrifice much to spend time tracking essentials. I’m not a fan of limiting gameplay by simple timeframes unless an issue absolutely warrants it. I’ll try think about something creative instead. Something that instead takes time to deliver than merely render delivery to make time.

Tbh survival will still be useless if they just add in a resource/animal tracker. It will only help newer players. Survival would only become useful if the tracking was able to track players

Why track players if we could sense danger instead so we can better defend ourselves? This could apply to players who get near enough to us. This and the resource tracking fields would perform nicely together, I wager. The fields would need to be carefully thought and the yields need to be distinctly significant or somehow motivational.


I wouldn’t have to tweak server settings if I could just put enough points to survival instead.

Most players know where resources are. As I said, resource tracking only helps newer players.

Dangersense is a great idea though, but maybe a bit op depending on how it’s implemented.

It’s not necessarily about the locations, but how well we proceed at it and how much resources we get to bring back. The more points we put into survival, the more we get from a node with each hit. I know this variable is given to tools, but I don’t like them having it in the first place. Material used should only affect the mass, durability and the sharpness of the tools; their longevity, that is.

However, to make locations actually matter, devs could introduce a quality check variable into play. This means that not every resource node suits to our character’s liking. This would open a way for the aforementioned survival perks to work the way I described. Each perk would allow us to find suitable nodes faster and some type of a signal would be given to let us know which node to hit.


Spider-sense :joy:

Idk that seems pretty tedious and lame tbh I’d rather just be able to track players that run, it’d be sooo much more fun/appealing that way. Ofc the first few survival perks are good but people just respec once their done farming. Tracking other players with survival gives it a place in PvP. Currently, it’s the only attribute that doesn’t affect pvp whatsoever.

If it has to affect PvP alone, then it’s not survival in essence, but more aligned toward warfare. I’m looking at this from the solo player’s view too.

Preventative element

Whatever affects resources, affects PvP as well. Also as you said, other attributes affect PvP directly except the Survival attribute. However, they affect PvP as resolving agents so that’s why I thought about a preventative element instead; more about escaping and thus surviving that way.

Resource example

What comes to nodes, I think our character could find a suitable one every 6th they pass by with zero points invested to the Survival attribute. With each point invested, the nodes reward more resources with each hit. With each perk we invest in, the more suitable nodes we find; 1st perk allows every 5th node to be suitable, 2nd perk allows every 4th node to be suitable, 3rd perk allows every 3rd node to be suitable, 4th perk allows every 2nd node to be suitable and lastly the 5th perk allows every node to be suitable.