Realtalk: My opinion on the current attributes and perks

I actually meant 65. 5 more levels. Not 75.

This would mean 65 more points to spend. And those points would make 50 point perks more attractive (now you can only achieve 50 perk builds with special armor and buffs + warpaint, mostly 50 Strength or 50 Vitality. And buffs + warpaints are super annoying since they only last 1 hour).


Ah, that makes sense - so the difference is small enough to not cause balance issues, but gives enough points for it not to always feel so ‘stingy’.

Plus you have to remember to actually use them :wink: (Can’t tell you how many times I’ve got to where I was going only to remember that I forgot to eat the fish…)

Even worse: if your body is fully covered, you don’t see your warpaint running out. I engaged in so many fights with only 37 Vitality and got screwed really hard because of that… (40 Vitality perk boosts healing)

No. Having a limit on how many points you can have is part of the beauty of this system, you can’t max out everything and you have to make sure you invest enough to be competent in every attribute.

Specializing on an attribute (reaching the 5th perk) is not always the best option and it shouldn’t be, if they were simply the best perks everyone would build their characters in order to get them, ignoring the rest of the attributes. Having more points to spend would mean players would take as many 5th perks as they can, making the attribute system basically pointless.

Character customization includes the ability to decide the attributes of your character, but is not as easy as maxing out strenght and start swinging your blade; how much you can carry, how fast it will run out of stamina, how much HP will it get, how fast will it gather materials, everything wile maintaining a competent fighting build. but if you could simply find more points to spend up to maxing out everything, welll they could just get rid of the attributes at all and left us with the same character with the same perks, with the same everything. kinda boring imo.

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Yeah, that’s enough of a pain in PVE, wouldn’t want to be unexpectedly losing a perk mid-fight in PVP (especially if expecting that bigger heal - if you’re not expecting it, it’s not so bad, just when you are, it can be a real problem to suddenly not get as much of a heal at the wrong moment…). At least with PVE enemies you can generally get yourself enough space to figure out what’s going on if you have to. Definitely doesn’t help that there’s no buff entry for the warpaint (and that they aren’t the ‘strongest’ colours anyway…)

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I don’t know if it is my OCD or what but combined with certain perks being terrible, the fact that you continue to get the bonuses from attribute points even past the soft-cap of 50 just kills potential build diversity. Especially since the soft stat increases you get seem to be more valuable than the perks themselves most of the time. There needs to be a hard cap.

IfI already have 50 points in strength (for example, I know the perk is bad), I am not incentivized at all to collect items that bump up other stats if I already have them at the low-level milestones I want, and just dumping everything into strength, focusing buffs on strength or whatever for the stat increases is still more effective.

Fixing broken perks and adding a hard-cap to attributes is the dream.

I’d wondered about that a few times - good to hear that it works that way (not good for the game, but good to get an answer). Pretty sure I should be able to get to around 70 strength (in the Exiled Lands) - might give that a try :slight_smile:

(50 base, +9 Epic Flawless Armour, +3 Warpaint, +3 fish/potion, +5 Aja’s Bane/Axe of the Lion - in case anyone’s wondering. Should actually be possible to go a couple of points higher than that with the right armour combo - but that would be overkill :wink: )

+50% of damage buff without any debuffs. Just posting it here. Pretty easy to get in EL.
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Why would it matter as long as its equal to ALL. Nothing!

Skill tree of Conan is easy to say it mildy. I like the MMO style skill tree, 200 hundred possibilites and a mix of everything, CE seems more like a punishment from the devs to even give us skills.

This is true.

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