SORCERY SKILL! Let us harness the magic that flows through the exiled lands!

There are many forms of what seems to be magic in the exiled lands, surely there must be some way to adapt to the magic that is already there, form a skill so players can use it. Craft special weapons. Or enhance already owned ones magically.

Elements, shields, aura, buffs, I expect there are mods but it would be great for the game to have it’s own mechanics for that!!

Maybe even have the gods be the source. And tie it somehow to religion.

Any agreement!!?:slight_smile:

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Lmao naise, so far the best magic is the God shields. 500 zeal later. Or maybe that awesome green curse wall. Oh wait. That kills you …

Corruption,? That kill you to.

The game needs some player useable magic. Cuz so far all the magic goes against us.

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No. Or rather… hell, no.


Well I agree with one thing on this thread; Kendaric’s “no”. I’ll have to agree and say no also.

Define sorcery.

What if we could build our own curse wall?

For the most part i would say no to sorcery, however if they were to keep it to only things that appear in the movies and the canon of the comics then i would be ok with it.

back to early they (funcom) stated that sorcery won’t be any fireballish explosum, but more of an in depth corrupted ritual way to gain certain advantage or skill like invocation.

More like a support than a fighter class


See yeah thats something i could get behind, fireballs and lightning id say would be akin to giving a knight an AK-47 during the dark ages.

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did you saw Evil Dead 3 ? :3


Lol my analogy exactly! Though I admit Army of Darkness was my fave of the series.


So in a way we could be talking about “sourcery”. :grin:

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too bad i’m french, i love pun but i don’t get it

Just a way to say getting to the source of things. Also reference to Divinity: Original Sin. :joy:


Also coz some rituals, especially some of the sacrificial nature, tend to have the practitioner to go inside beings… so… :laughing:

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Reached my first day reply limit yesterday, that sucks.

But no no I totaly agree with that. No firebals and lightning lol.

I’m speaking of the kind of thing this dude mentioned. Buffs. And effects. shields. More siege defence options. Even build options.
Utilise the gods powers a bit more. Maybe feed of the magic of the curse wall to enhance defence and shield power. Just bits of magic that FIT the game. And work with what it already has in the sorcery department !!!

Lol. No skyrim magic except perhaps the things like conjuring ? Summoning a temporary warrior. Demon. Animal?..
And shields. Temporary defence boosts.
Attack buffs . By enchanting a weapon with ( corrupt aura) or (curse ward). Using corruption. And the curse walls power.

I would never suggest an entire combat mechanic change. Just more ways to utilise and enhance the combat methods we already have magically.


In that context I could support the addition of elemental effects to existing weapons. For example bows that add a small amount of lightning damage to arrows or a blazing sword (Lightbringer for GoT fans) that adds fire DoT with the last hit of a combo.

I feel your slightly uninformed Admiral, magic exists all over the exiled lands
From the wall to the witch queen to the the recent addition of necromancy.

The idea not to evolve even more considering what we already have is counter productive to say the least!!

Especially considering the options funcom has with the content already available

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Conan himself. Speaks of how he hates magic. And the cursed magic around the exiled lands. . Nothing to do with it indeed?

No I believe there is alot of potential for magic in this game. Maybe even a better kind of magic than in others. Who knows . The future will only tell :slight_smile:


The Admiral was referencing REH’s writings and honestly most of the other writers that added to the Conan lore, such as Jordan and de Camp. Their use of sorcery was very limited. And even used was time consuming, very costly, etc…

What is being suggested in this thread starts going towards a dungeons and dragons approach and veers away from the gritty world of Conan. IMHO


Although I am new, i think that since magic already exists in game (ex. bracelet and avatars, etc), I would support some background or support magic for weapons armor etc. I do not support fireballs etc or anything directly cast at anything.
However a stone or other item that can buff your weapon or armor seems like it should fit within the game fairly easily and be able to be implemented without breaking the game or balance. Basically it is similar to the tiers we have with weapon materials (stone,iron,steel etc), and one that would allow for questing to find these “magic” items.
Perhaps it could be limited to half the difference between the current weapon material tiers, so that they would be worth searching out, but not overpowering or imbalancing.