[part 2] SORCERY SKILL! Let us harness the magic that flows through the exiled lands!

Former thread is ded, but need to arise again, because this subject matter !
(i wan’t this armor in game and won’t rest until it is !)

It isn’t because there isn’t a big flashy “IT’S MAGIC !” with some crafting recipes that there isn’t any magic involved. Do you really think in a world that never discovered the blackpowder it’s possible to craft explosive without using some kind of magic ?
BlackIce and obsidian weapons and tools can only be crafted at a dedicated workstation, deep in dungeon. If it isn’t because of the magic provided by these workstation is needed to work BackIce and obsidian, then it doesn’t make sense.
There is all the different kind of potions that can be brewed. Many are magical. We can transform an animal in a bigger, greater, meaner version of it, by mixing normal food with a plant that is definitely magical given the only way to get it. If it isn’t magical food, what is it ?
Magic is everywhere in the Exilesland and our character can use it quite well and need to use it quite often.

i see the point you elaborate on, but all of this is more about forein knowledge or uncomprehended science. What i wana see is the words of mek-kamosès bein actual part of the game.

I wana see a use for corruption, because it would mean more in depth utility to it, aswell as more ambient around this subject.

I like that

I have loads of work relating to this ile post it soon!!!

Just to temper some of the things, this is word from the devs in a stream, quoted from the other sorcery topic.

In one of the last 2 streasm (don’t remember which one) sorcery was brought up. they said that sorcery in terms most people recognize it for games would not be a thing. So shooting fireballs and lightning out of your hands is pretty much off the table.

So poison gas clouds probably isn’t going to be a thing. And the way the wording is, I wouldn’t expect any type of magic as you would normally think of it.

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