Offensive sorcery

I want sorcery to not be an just a tool. If I’m losing 50% of my max health and stamina. I want to cause damage. Summon hell to Earth. Drain my enemies life to heal mine. All the sorcery I seen so far is kinda of lame and weak. All this hype for a battle pass and item shop. That what looks what all the work looks like it went into. No offense dev team but your ice bridge looks basic. Looks like most spells were copy and paste from the environment.


Oh boy, another brilliant Bryan post.

I’m not even gonna bother with a response, just throwing this post down to spectate whatever is about to unfold


I understand your frustration, there are some people on this forum who think differently and like to keep their minds closed.

There are several spells as an example in AoC, a shame they don’t implement it in the game, this only makes the diversity go further down, making combat simple and archaic.

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i don’t want offensive magic, kinda the opposite.

i want SUPPORT magic, so every group should have a sorcerer.
this dude should bring utility to the battlefield, can be thralls, can be tactical spells maybe a projectile shield.
Maybe flat out HP shield, maybe AOE heal for their thralls or clan. maybe cast a spell that stuns enemies somehow if they lt him cast.
or what abouf debuf like acid. what about oil?
not to replace melee combat but to add some spice to the battlefield. focus the sorcerrer or pay the price!.

kinda like what some arrows do but that are actually useful. AND that at the same time can be countered by not letting them cast them.


Maybe it’s because we want to play Conan Exiles, not Skyrim. The issue of offensive magic and whether it fits into lore canon has been discussed ad nauseam on these forums. Furthermore, I know both you and Bryan were active on those threads, so you’re very much aware of this.

Just because you didn’t have good enough arguments to change anyone’s mind – including that of the lead designer for Conan Exiles – doesn’t make the rest of us “close minded”.

Let me underscore it yet again: I bought Conan Exiles largely because of Conan. Pew-pew butt-laser magic is not Conan. “Hell on earth” magic is not Conan. Instant OP AoE magic is not Conan.

Trying to impose your own disregard for the theming and adherence to canon on everyone, and then calling those who oppose “close minded” is just an entitled tantrum.


so AoC is Skyrim hmm, fire of gehenna Is it too pew-pew laser butt for you?

You bought conan I bought conan and the other friend over there also bought conan, it’s not because you have a different vision or the inability to see something like that that gives you the right to define /spoil the fun of others…

Back to Canon again, what is Cannon to you? Is Conan Exiles Cannon Enough?I believe not for you, after all, it was not Todd Howard himself who wrote the game, obviously if they leave a work incomplete, surely no one else has the copyright to that work

Or do you consider funcom like Canon? Well then, back to AoC, there are many “pew-pew” spells in that game, and guess what a DOS DEV of Conan participated in the production, you can believe it , obviously we will invalidate the work after all of course hahaha AoC has nothing to do with Conan exiles right? They don’t belong to the same universe or narrative story, they don’t have the same bases and maybe the same people behind it, of course they changed the genre from one to another, from an MMORPG to a Survival RPG Really totally different games, the only thing the same is the conan in the name lol

now we’re back to the basics of the basics, why can’t you have these spells in conan? “Cuz isn’t it on Canon” isn’t that a closed-minded thought? following a single line of reasoning…whether it’s on Canon or not after all “I” don’t even know what’s on Canon, what’s my Canon? brawny men with swords and beating like nearderthals.

Obviously you don’t care what Canon is, you only care about your vision of a work that isn’t even yours, just tarnishing Todd Howard’s image of a world of FANTASY, where there is sword and sorcery, some people on this forum, as you well know, have their own view of the world, I’m not saying that they are wrong or not, the problem is that you are.

It’s trying to spoil the fun of others, arguing whether it could have spells or not lol, you can choose or not man, no one is going to force you to play one way , does not give way as you are doing and not only you, if I am against your position? On Canon’s part, yes, now you play as you wish, it’s your choice, the world is yours after all you paid for the game, now don’t take that choice away from others, if someone wants to feel like the magic “pew-pew ass spell” leave it, why not? If it’s in the hyborian period and it’s set in the Conan universe, what’s the harm? Also, you should play some AoC, it’s an extremely fun game, a pity it’s not as current as conan exiles.

TWO Bryans?!?


I don’t play AoC, and I don’t care about AoC. Whoever is the creative director of AoC has made their decision whether to stick to the canon or not. If I ever want to decide whether to buy AoC, I’ll check how well it adheres to the canon and it will be an important factor in my decision, just like it was with Conan Exiles.

To put it in blunt terms: just because someone pooped in the park close to your house, it doesn’t mean I want people pooping in the park close to mine.

Weird how you apply that to me, but not to you. You’re the one trying to impose creative changes not only on other players, but also on the creative leadership of Conan Exiles team. :man_shrugging:

After reading that, there is absolutely no reason to try to even talk to you about canon. You have no ground to stand on, lecturing me about how I’m “tarnishing the vision” of an author whose name you haven’t bothered to learn.

Don’t talk to me about respect for someone’s creative vision if you don’t respect them enough to even know their name.


Kinda, yeah.

(For @CodeMage who seems to have not played AoC, Fires of Gehenna is a basic fireball spell that can be spammed over and over and over for practically no cost. So, yeah, pretty much exactly the sort of thing you don’t want.)

Magic in the Conan universe is more ritualistic in nature than it’s represented in Age of Conan. They don’t run around throwing fireballs around like candy at a parade. That’s why in previous threads I would suggest that if you want to do things like that, then it should be tied into something like the spellweaving system in Age of Conan where you have to be performing something of a ritual in order to generate the desired effect.

I think the devs did a pretty good job with how sorcery in general is implemented in Age of Sorcery. There’s a few things I could nitpick, but I won’t. They’re on the right track with it. Just have to iron out the bugs and polish it up a bit, then stick to the same general mechanical theme with any new spells added in the future.


sorry majesty for getting the first name wrong I was reading about Bethesda and starfield and got confused,

You can choose to live near the park or not, and even then your metaphor placement is totally out of context.

Well really you are an excellent fan of conan and clearly you know the works of funcom, and Age of Conan is free you can play and try, not that it will change your opinion after all closed minded.

I think it’s funny how to put “your decision” as if you were the final judge in something :laughing:, clearly you are the canon inspector, how will it be I will be exempt from the maximum punishment?:rofl::rofl:

Enforce creative changes ? Yes, I’m forcing others to know what Canon is or not, and what not, I’ll point it out to them and say “you’re wrong” clearly I’m the one doing it, not you hahah Who started the discussion? You, if you think I’m going to keep quiet while you talk nonsense around, I won’t my friend :crazy_face:

If expressing my frustration with the current course is a form of “tyranny of opinion” in your view, it’s really no use staying here, people like you are toxic.

In terms of creative leadership, they said the same thing to the AoC, magic is this magic is that, but they changed their vision, if there is no direct form of communication how will I express my frustration staring at the wall and waiting for her to respond?

Maybe this is better: as a consumer, I’m getting dissatisfied with the direction of a certain product, can’t I complain about its direction? Or is it too much tyranny for you?

And I would also like a proof in my words that it speaks the way you wrote:

I’d like an example stating this, in which I’m IMPOSING a creative change :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:, after all it’s me and it’s only preventing others from playing the way they would like, clearly not you​:frowning_with_open_mouth:

I don’t want fireballs. I want my sword to leap out of my hand and attack you. I want quicksand traps. Stuff that can be use offensive. Maybe a boulder toss. Rolling boulder trap.

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I love how everyone just calls him Bryan :laughing:


Isn’t this magic offensive enough? I mean look at the corruption that you get and you turn into an evil Smurf. Pretty offensive in my book


the conversation was about what is conan or not, then I gave an example of a spell that is in the game Age of Conan, which as it is part of funcom and the same conan universe is considered Canon until stated otherwise.

some of the developer quotes are quite interesting, as is.

"In Conan’s Hyboria, arcane magic is deemed dangerous and foul and is very often focused around the manipulation of artifacts, more than the simple channeling of energy. To simulate this we are playing around with a system called “Soul Corruption” that will determine the degree to which you have sold your soul for power. Naturally, for most, this will be fatal and something to be avoided. For others, walking the edge is the only form of true excitement there is, and is, by far, the most efficient way to gain maximum power. It is still uncertain if “Soul Corruption” will make it all the way to the final game, though.

Gamespy, 17th May 2005 (Gaute Godager)"

Is Gaute finally seeing what this magic should have been like?

Another quote from him, Forget the mana part after all it was a game mechanic there.

"Magic in Hyboria is darker, scarcer and more powerful than in most other RPG campaigns. You delve into the arcane arts at your own risk, your soul being the only truly powerful bargaining chip. Our focus has been to give magic a visually more realistic look, less floating shiny things, and more the rumblings from hell.

The users of magic fall, as normal, into two main categories, the ones with magic being offered from their gods or the earth, and the ones where magic is created through rituals and bargains with darker powers. In both cases, you memorize spells into your spellbook, and use mana to cast them.

IGN, 11th July 2005 (Gaute Godager)"

It’s a very similar view, but why isn’t there an offensive way? The second attack of the staff for example is ridiculous

What game are you playing that has butt lasers? Because that sounds like a really terrible game.

Just want to be the elephant in the room. No one saying why a 50% max reduction to health and stamina is needed for an utility ability? Power is suppose to corrupted? Where the power behind sorcery? It almost all bark and no bite.

You want real sorcery look at the witch queen. She doing it better than anyone.

You mean the chick trapped in a mask that has to wait till someone picks her up?

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and how would this sorcery be?

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Jesus its like a never ending loop with some people. Double down and complain harder, maybe someone will change their mind? Do I have that about right?

If you want your D&D Skyrim game, you have your pick of the litter. Thats every fantasy game ever released pretty much with offensive pew pew spells.

Even better - make a mod. Or I’m sure someone will make a mod that gives your offensive pew pew skyrim D&D spells.

I enjoy that this is canon and set in the Conan universe and follows canon as closely as it can. If its something that follows something that Howard wrote in one of the many tales of Conan, I’m all for it.

If its something that 2022 Timmy wants because his world of warcraft sorcerer can do it, I’d rather not.


Okay, time to take a break from coding and engage in my favorite variant of online chess:

What does one have to do with the other?

I like Conan, yes. That’s what piqued my interest when I saw Conan Exiles in early access in 2017. I tried it, I liked it, I kept it, and I’m still playing it. Among many things that I liked about it is the fact that it didn’t shіt all over the Conan canon.

I don’t have to know about other Funcom’s games to like Conan, or to appreciate the fact that Conan Exiles is true to the canon.

I mean, I also liked The Longest Journey, also by Funcom, does that score me some points? :crazy_face:

Yay, ad hominems! Those will change everyone’s minds here! :smiley:

Did thinking about Bethesda also confuse you when reading my post? Here, I’ll help with some extra emphasis:

So yeah, I actually am the final judge when deciding whether I will buy a game. Or if the game is free, whether I will play it.

You did:

Right from the start, you called people who disagreed “close minded”.

How about sharing that opinion without rudeness? Or is that too polite and civil for you?

When someone says “I want to summon hell to Earth”, they’re proposing a specific kind of magic. That kind of magic has been discussed before, at length, and there’s a pretty large number of people who shared their view that this is against Conan canon and that we don’t want that.

You’re free to disagree with that. We can go back and forth on that as much as you like, and there should be no need to call each other names.

But hey, feel free to open the conversation with personal attacks and then pretend that I started it :man_shrugging: