Expanding the Map (slightly), is it Possible?

As we know, the map currently extends from A to P on the horizontal or x-axis, and from 1 to 17 on the vertical or y-axis. Like many others I wouldnt mind a new biome someday. I wouldnt want to see endless waves of them, but maybe just one or two to serve as larger expansions and provide a change of scenery, and some more variety. I know that Funcom has already stated that there will probably be no new biomes or landmasses. I have also heard that we are close to the limits of how much is possible. However I am just wondering if it would be possible to expand the map, as the title would suggest just slightly, to allow enough room to squeeze in an extra small biome or two? Just for the record, Im not suggesting something ludicrous like another 40 or 50 squares. By small i mean maybe say 3-4 grid squares wider in either (or both) directions? For example, expanding the horizontal from ‘P’ to say S or T, and/or the vertical from say ‘17’ to say 20 or 21.

So my question to the more technical minded members of the community (and also Funcom) is: Is it possible to expand the map slightly? Essentially juuust enough to squeeze in another small biome. And if so as an afterthought, if it is, who would like to see a new biome or two someday down the road?


Depends on where they are plugging in the various dungeons. There is already a lot of empty places on the map that have dungeons in them (like the lower left has the sewer dungeon or whatever its called). Is it technically possible? I guess, not really worth it though, they are already bumping up against the max physics range (400x, 400y). The closer you get to the borders the worse things get in physics, and they are already at the limit. I pulled this off the wiki, but this gives you a visual idea of how limited you are to your expansion idea.


With 4 more dungeons coming, what little space I see that would be possible to add a tiny bit more land just isn’t feasible. Or worth the time investment even if you could, in my opinion. And further, I don’t like the one to deliver bad news, but Jens reiterated their stance (in the last dev stream) that what you see now map wise is probably final (dungeons being the exception).


In the last twitch they announce the

map will not expend

And that is it :slight_smile: we can chat about this all day map will not extend.

If you fly in admin mode past the green wall north east of the passage where they are storing the dungeons, there is fully developed land with grass physics north of the swungle and some really cool looking ice valleys east of the frozen north. They span out for 2 or 3 grids from the green wall.
This may be just for the purpose of the background looking cool, but there is a lot of details.
I found the well of skelos in the very north east and it only takes up around 1 grid.
So there is potential there for more room or some really really big dungeons.

They official announce it that the map will stay as it is :slight_smile: and there is no plan or not even a discussion among dev team to expend. If you ask if it is possible ? i sincerely doubt that remember that they are limited buy game engine (they did not build it they buy it from Epic Games)

Wow thats all, I thought it would have been much larger.

Yeah I have actually admin teleported to the other side of the cursed wall myself several times now, and had several wanders out there.

Similarly, further west of Supermeru there are some huge sprawling sand dunes, similar to those found in the Deep Desert (starting area), but much bigger again. But I am also kind of curious if it would be difficult for them to change these bits of existing terrain just beyond the cursed wall, to make and un-make them as they see fit.

In other words, would it be possible to terraform existing land beyond the cursed wall?

Yeah I think they already said that the NE corner was reserved for dungeons. I honestly dont mind if it is either.

I did go there before we had grids on the map so it could be a little larger but not much. Certainly still plenty of empty space. Wether the engine handle any more i dont know.

Ok cool, that explains much of it really well. Thankyou Multigun. And the link you provided did give a good perspective. So in other words while it is possible, we would be really pushing it? Pease do not mistake this thread for me outright lobbying for a new biome. Even if I wouldnt mind one. At this point it is more me trying to get my head around the technical aspects of it, and the overall plausability. The actual campaigning (if any) would be a matter for another day. I am curious what you mean by ‘the worse the physics get’. Does this mean that lag gets worse, jumping of weapon swinging animations become longer…? I dont get it.

I also have another technical question for you. This is lifted from an earlier reply to HonkyLips. But I am also kind of curious if it would be difficult for them to change these bits of existing terrain just beyond the cursed wall, to make and un-make them as they see fit. In other words, would it be possible to terraform existing land beyond the cursed wall?

Well that is indeed a matter for individual, subjective opinion. I must disagree. Both the Highlands and Tundra biomes are only 2×4 grid squares on the map (at best), and they are some of the best areas in the game. You can fit a LOT of goodness and content into a space that size! More than enough to justify the time and investment. Well thats just my opinion anyway.

While thats is a bit of a shame, Im really not overly worried if there is not a new biome; Im just contemplating and weighing up the possibilities at this stage. If there is…awesome! If there isnt…‘meh’.

I’m mostly repeating what I’ve been told, there are way more map experienced modders on the mod discord. But basically, everything to do with physics in the engine stops working the further out you go. Right now in the eastern most areas of the map there is a known issue with Thralls falling through the ground (not foundations, ground) more often then they should, because they are past the 400 limit.

Those same areas could also have the same problem as the swangle islands I speak about above. Past the wall, if you look at the map, they are right at the limits of the physics range.

This is what an experienced map modder had to say about it:

It has to do with float precision, you can go bigger then the default map size if you want but the further away you go from the world origin (x0, y0, z0) the less precision you have so things like the animations/physics/collision/hit detection etc get weird

for single player games its not such a big deal as we can use world origin shifting, but that currently isn’t supported for multiplayer yet

Im perfectly happy with the map we have now. Especially with the upgrades to thralls and beasts coming up. That being said id also be happy with more map.
Once they finish the new dungeons it may be possible to relax the boundaries northeast of the passage if there is room left over, but they would still have to add some assets like thrall camps in to make it worth while.

I’d rather more content in the existing map…
Dungeons, cities, quests… a village had a bad winter, or a drought and needs supplies, bring them a stack of meat, seeds and hides or whatever, an their crafters will make you a unique item.

A shaman needs 100 demon blood, in return he blesses your weapon to add 10% damage to undead/skellies…

Don’t need more of the same, but more fleshed out of what we have…

I guess they’d just be like merchants with different prices… as in the system already exists…


I agree with @TeatedCorpse

So many times I get into a cool looking area or ruins only to find nothing. I have spent hours exploring but I never find anything cool, or even a chest, or an NPC…anything.

I have kind of given up exploring any hard to reach places since after hours and hours i have found exactly nothing. So more stuff in existing areas would be awesome. Doesn’t even have to be special. More recipes would be sweet and also perfect to add those to all these cool places I visit where i find nothing.


I would kind of like a bit of both to be honest. I definately agree that it would be great to get some more unique and interesting items and areas. However, as much as I dig the idea, it is doubtful that we will ever get Skyrim style fetch quests. Still, I would love to see at least one new biome make an appearance before they stop supporting the game.

If you arent finding chests, npcs or anything, then youre REALLY unlucky, as I find both literally everywhere (no rudeness intended). But I think I do get what you are saying and definately agree.

How about some cool, unique loots and treasures, like a silvet idol, a circlet or ring, burried journals, unique glowing artifacts, a chest filled gold bars/coins or some gems, or even unique non-legendary weapons such as Gavains Pike? Im just rattling off a whole bunch of random ideas of course, but things like these to peak our interest.

Yes! THIS. It ties into what I was rambling about previously. Recipes, just like unique items feed our curiosity, sustain interest in the game and make us want to get out there and explore more. I am obsessed with collecting recipes (and unique items).

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Sorry I should be precise, almost nothing, I did find a special altar somewhere once. Other than that though nothing.

I could be wrong, but your last paragraph is the bread and butter…

It’s what from memory only one game managed and one came close…
Holy handgrenade, can you imagine Diablo in the conan game space…
I’d never need another game again…

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While I have only ever played Diablo 2, it was an outstanding game. And I keep hoping to myself that Funcom will eventually do an RPG set in the Conan universe in the future. The lore and source material available, coupled with the brutality of that world has the potential to blow all competitors out of the water. I even feel that it has already done this in a couple of departments. For example, Conan Exiles religion system makes Skyrims one look like a hollowed out shell. Similarly, the diversity of CEs environments crushes anything which it or the Witcher can offer; deserts, steamy jungles, active volcanos, African style savannahs, an ancient city now tainted by dark magic and abominations. Diablo did a solid job of this too.

Thats what I thought too.

To make it clear - it is possible! Of course there are huge areas outside the playable map where things like the animations/physics/collision/hit detection are functioning very well. We made intensive testing on our server and even build structures in these areas because the physics is functioning. We didnt experianced any malfunctions in these areas (red lined areas). Some of them are blocked for future dungeons.


And in multiple areas that you have red lined, there are already dungeons in those areas :stuck_out_tongue: With 4 more yet to come, I imagine those areas are going to be filled yet more.

What really needs to happen is they need to flesh out some areas like the swungle in particular.
Once you’ve built a house and a wheel, killed the witch queen and got the scorge stone, there is no reason to go back there.
There is no dungeons (yet) and the thrall camps, while they spawn names well, are zero challenge.
Asagarth and the mounds are brilliantly designed camps that a lvl 60 can die in if complacent, you can even get mobed at the black hand ship. All faction strongholds, places like the pagoda, summoning place, the den, even sinners refuge, need to be tougher. Would be nice if the volaries would get a bit cranky with you interupting their ceremony too.

These are the locations of the existing dungeons. The Midnight grove is left from the Mounts of the dead, outside the viewable map.