Suggestion for future expansions of Conan Exiles / a new direction

Okay so, lets talked about the Exiled Lands.

Base game map, its been the same since release, then Isle of Siptah gets added, (which by the way, is in South-West Hyboria just West of Stygia) a WHOLE new location… a separate map completely, not connected to the Exiled Lands OR the character you have from the Exiled Lands.

The goal of the game was originally, and still is if you play on Exiled Lands, you gather pieces to create the Keystone, to unlock the bracelet that keeps you trapped within the Cursewall. You craft the Keystone and use it, only for it to delete your character and progress.

I HIGHLY suggest, for future expansions, add onto the original map.

When you first start out, the game progression happens just as it does now, you work to gather the pieces to craft the Keystone to free yourself from the bracelet, but then AFTER you remove the bracelet, it now lets you travel beyond the Cursewall, with no loading screen, to new expanded lands with all new story, creatures, locations, biomes to explore. North of the Volcano, South & West of the desert, East of the jungle to a new continent, possibly accessible by adding boat and ship crafting to be able to travel back and forth.

A whole new direction for endgame, to really expand on the Conan Exiles gameplay and universe. The map of the Hyborian Age is huge, and can really turn Conan Exiles into more than just a “box map” prison where the only goal is to make a bracelet that restarts your progress.

New players will have the bracelet on, and still be stuck in the Exiled Lands just as usual, but can work to free themselves and travel freely to and from the Exiled Lands and the new locations added, north of the Volcano, south of the Desert, etc etc. Conan Exiles could become a true OPEN world survival game, with new content added such as dungeons, raids, new locations, not just DLCs that add new armors.

As someone who has been playing Conan Exiles constantly since release, with every DLC purchased the day it comes out, and countless hours played, I think this would really put Conan Exiles on the map again.

TL;DR - The goal of Conan Exiles is to remove the bracelet, which is more of a negative than a positive, because it resets your progress. Instead, for future expansions, add onto the original map, north, south, east and west, and by freeing yourself from the bracelet, you gain the ability to travel beyond the Cursewall, free to travel back and forth to the new locations (no loading screen) by foot, horseback, boat (if you’re traveling East) new lands, new stories, new enemies.

Please use search before asking for this. It’s a seriously a way over discussed topic. The tldr is, won’t work.


If it’s “way over discussed” then there’s a reason for it. This is posted in suggestions tag for a reason.

And in every single thread it ends the same. You cannot add more to the Exile Lands on a single server, nor with the current engine version, and a million other reasons that have been discussed to death.

As I said, use the available search. There is a topic not even 4 days old on this same subject.

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“You cannot add more to the Exile Lands on a single server, nor with the current engine version”

World composition exists you know that right?

Yes, as I said, discussed to death. Last time I’m responding to this thread, so, good luck with all of that.

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Discussed to death for a reason. If you don’t make moves, then you achieve nothing.

We landed a rover on Mars, the map can be expanded, you just have to put in effort.

What multigun is getting at is that your statement of “expand” the exiled lands is not feasible. The reason is because that going past the determined bounds of the exiled lands and adding more areas would cause the physics engine to break down amongst other things. The map as it is has pushed the boundaries of what can be added to its maximum. Adding any more would break a lot of things and render the map unplayable. It has been a hot topic for ages now and has even had official responses a dozen times over.

Tl;dr an expansion of the exiled lands is nigh upon impossible with out a full rebuild and engine update.


Conan Exiles early access:


I Think Funcom is already at it.

If they succeed in allowing players to travel between maps(servers) this Problem could be solved.

I would go so far and say, put the travel between Servers behind an achievemt, something like removing bracelet on Conan Exiles. Once u did removed the bracelet you choose what Expansion you go to next, currently only Siptah but if they achieve this a whole new horizont opens up for Funcom and Conan Exiles.
Also, by having this traveling behind something you need to do Endgame might reduce the numbers of griefers/cheaters on Future Expansions.

The thing is, the way i imagined it is only a one way Ticket. Or maybe u get captured again for doing nasty stuff on a other island(expansion) and gets senden back, or lets say u learn on Siptah how to use the Surge Portals coming from Exiled Lands.

I really root here for the devs to achieve this “map traveling” but they need to be Smart with it, it will be abused! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 1: i really do Think that locking NEW players to Exiled Lands would be Conan Exiles end. NEW players should be able to choose to start on any of the servers/expansion(currently 2). While current players can optionally travel to Different Server when they “complete the map”.

Edit 2: We have so many Servers wasted, working around with the Server numbers and you can surely Divide them between current expansions and Future ones. Really easy to spread Servers when you have so many that are there only…to be there…might get complicated with the increase of player numbers.

Edit 3: Man can only dream! :upside_down_face:

Server-Travel is possible through mods already - the issue is more like there need to be more maps.
As an early adopter I’ve seen all in the exiled lands over and over again, and it bores me. Siptah was nice for some time, but is starting to wear out too.

I do understand that there are many different kinds of players around. - heck some people still enjoy playing the same games/maps the did 20 years ago (*waves at all the counter-strike and dota/lol players out there)
At least for me, seeing like the 100th roleplay server with “a capital city” and “quests” feels kinda annoying. I want to see something “new”.

You’re right, the map can be expanded with enough effort. The effort you would need is comparable to a rewrite of Conan Exiles:

If y’all want to spend your time discussing something that is theoretically possible, but not feasible in practice, be my guest.


@CodeMage is right. I love the idea of taking off the bracelet to allow you to enter and exit the Exiled Lands. However, as discussed (to death, as mentioned by Multigun) in the thread Codemage linked.) Simply “No Load Screen” adding to the map is 100% unfeasible. Expanding the game with “loadscreen” transitions between maps is more feasible, but still will require a lot of netcode work.

Yes. It is POSSIBLE. But landing a Rover on Mars cost billions of dollars. Expanding onto the map as is would cost many millions of dollars in development and would likely necessitate server wipes. So no. It’s simply not feasible. Funcom has said they are looking at allowing character transfer between the two maps (which is IMO, the best option) however, they have not explicitly described this feature in detail yet, but this sort of transition is the best we’re gonna get.

I’m sure Funcom may consider you suggestion if you send them a nicely worded business letter with a check for 5-6 hundred million dollars… if their legal agreements with Tencent don’t prevent this anyway.



Double Load or Authentication Errors.
(This should help. It takes time for the first try but it’s faster after that.)

➢Go to Mods Tab.
➢Put mods in the exact same order as server has arranged it.
(Our modlist arrangement is in discord #password-modlist channel)
➢Exit to Main Menu, they will say game needs to restart.
➢Exit game and end steam in task manager.
➢Relaunch Steam.
➢Launch the game & go into Singleplayer/Co-op Mode.
(This will help to pre-load all the mods)
➢Once you have properly loaded into a Singleplayer game exit to the main menu.
➢Go into PvP, & under server selection at the bottom click on direct connect. Input the IP Address, no need password.
➢If the modlist shows or your game is restarting it means the order of your mods are incorrect. Restart from Step 2, & be sure to have the same mod order as server.
➢Every time you launch the game after this, you will need to do step 4 to 6, if server mods change you’ll need to change it too.

These are the kinds of guides that have been written, not to mention the mods that have been written, to decrease the load that bad programming has on this game. I’d argue that it NEEDS to be rewritten, from scratch … when you’ve got to jump through these kinds of hoops, on a beefy PC, then there are fundamental problems with the code. Funcom makes fun games, but they are notoriously trash at optimization.

And yet the vast majority of people don’t need those guides. They try to connect to a private server, the game lists the mods, they download or update the mods if necessary, the game then restarts and connects them to the server. No guide necessary.

If you want to make that modlist persistent, then you have to go into the mods menu and select and arrange them correctly. If you don’t have the correct mods in the correct order, then things won’t work. :man_shrugging:

This is just deja moo. If I had a dime for every time a random player said a game needs to be rewritten from scratch, I would have enough money to acquire Funcom from Tencent and hire you to do it.

Look, if you’re volunteering to do the rewrite, you’re using the wrong channel and should probably try this link. If you aren’t, then you’re just adding pointless noise, because I assure you that Funcom won’t sit down and rewrite the game just because everyone else who suggested it wasn’t worthy and they were waiting for you to tell them.

Really, it would be easier to make a whole new sequel to Conan Exiles than it would be to expand the current map by rewriting the current game.

The amount of effort required to expand the map would not be worth it. You might as well completely redo the physics, animations, and combat systems while you’re at it.


Hello! Popping in to remind folks to avoid personal attacks when disagreeing with each other and to be constructive with your feedback. Removing a couple posts to that effect. Thanks friends.