Skylands true or false? (Also no map expansion

So there was recently a huge rumor of new land being brought to the conan exiles map that was rather slowly debunked unfortunately. Turns out the grey areas around the edge of the map are actually where each of the dungeons that we go into are built.

However there is rumors of a new map coming to conan exiles though i am not sure if its true or not. The map is supposedly very large though i have been unable to find any information to substantiate this claim. Honestly i am very much hoping that its true i would love new lands as i am getting tired of the current map i’ve seen and raided in every inch of it. This is one of my all time favorite games and i am glad they are still adding stuff too it but i feel like the things being added are very very slow. Don’t get me wrong i’m elated that they are fixing the bugs as fast as they pop up. But i really truly hope they are working on something big. Honestly i thought we were going to be able to raise elephants and crap and be able to ride them but honestly at the moment i donno its been some time since the pet systems release and there are still alot of babies roaming around that we can’t even do anything with. But right now i think what we need is new lands to break up the monotony people via for the same areas on every map and its become so very predictable at this point.

If someone knows something about a new map or has also heard rumors speak up id like to get more information if at all possible.

No idea where you are getting your rumors from, but I would say whoever is telling you these rumors are speculating without an inch of facts to back it up. The current map is done, as has been repeatedly said by Funcom. The large open area to the top right of the map is used for current dungeons and reserved (I assume) for future Dungeons (with 4 more planned, that is my assumption). Funcom has detailed this information in a dev stream and Forum posts. You can also view the map itself in the dev kit and see all the areas taken up by Dungeons too.

With Funcom keeping things very close to the chest and only revealing things coming out very soon, there has been absolutely no word on a new map, or expansion. Not a peep or some much of a hint. Not that it can’t or won’t happen in the future, but that’s where we are at today.

Thats what i was saying man there is no map expansion coming and it wasn’t just this one guy everyone i had talked to on ps4 had heard the same rumor but no one could pinpoint where it started. The devs have said the map is complete and nothing more will be added at all to the exiled lands map. The top right hand corner of the map is where the dungeons are built. When we go through a loading screen and are teleported thats where we go. You can even check that on your map.

As for where the rumors are coming from i don’t know though i will be asking all around about this new one. Honestly i hope will throw their playerbase a bone lots of us are die hard fans but there is only so much to do on the current map. Heres hoping they have something to tell us soon.

Played on my server last night used admin to get to that top right area .It’s rolling hills grass and such nothing to harvest no animals. No interaction

Never gonna be anything there either. Top left hand has snow and lava but thats it.

Swungle and all the rest of the map has been that way prior to being released too…
Meaning that doesnt mean there is anything special about that.

Dungeons being somewhere below the map isnt a bad thing. They might be placed below no build zones to keep people from trying to build undermesh bases there. Like below camps and all of that.

However, I would love different maps, but that takes people to create them.
Some users built a different map for ARK. Same should be possible here too.

Hopefully we will get a content road map for the coming year very soon. Last one detailing the years events was last january 31 so the next would will likely be in January again but thats just a semi educated guess.

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The rumors come from several livestreams where they have made offhand remarks. Usually in references to mounts. In one of the livestreams they explained why we don’t have mounts and its because the way the map loads in 1024 chunks. If you move faster than you do now, there’s a chance your computer (and very likely if on console, the real culprit here) will not load the next chunk in time and you fall off the world.

To fix this they said they would need to redo the map in 512 or 256 smaller chunks so they load faster. This is a huge undertaking for the current map and which is why they hinted at a second map possibly where mounts could be used. If they decided to add them.

This doesn’t mean they are working on a second map however. Hence why there is rumors pertaining to this sort of thing. They are merely offhand remarks to somewhat related questions.

This would be great! :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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