Manipulation of terrain or adding terrain features

Hi guys just a thought do you think we’ll ever be able to manipulate the terrain or add in Conan Exiles? For me personally this would make a already fantastic game even better. The thought of creating on top of the world we already have to make it our own world fills me with a overwhelming hope. What are your thoughts guys?

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That is true. It was just a thought but thank you for your comment :wink:

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Pretty much. People often think we don’t have the tools, but we do and have had them. If you have the skills, time, and experience, you can build your own map now. It just takes a ton of work to do.


I’m not a map editing expert, it’s something I want to learn eventually (too busy having my life revolve around sockets at the moment). But there is documentation floating around on the discord (via the pins) you linked on the basics on getting started with the dev kit, and of course map editing and such. It helps a great deal if you are already familiar with UE4, otherwise that learning curve will be a bit longer.

You can create whole new maps yes. There are a few in progress (or partially completed) maps on the workshop now.

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Minecraft… shy of 2gbs, and you can go nutts. XD

If Only we had Conan themed skins…

I’m not on PC unfortunately wish something would come to xbox to be allowed map building for Conan :sob::sob:

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