Map Maker/Editor?

I am new to Conan and have been playing it non-stop for a few months. I love the map, its terrain, its vastness…but after a while there are no surprises. And that gets boring. Everything is known. The current game also only fits the Conan game play and I think Funcom are missing a trick. I would like talented and creative people to be able to adapt the Conan mechanics and terraforming tools in order to design unique virtual gameworlds. In other words to buy a game-creator application where player-designers can make new maps, limit or extend technologies, add or remove bosses or other creatures.

You can already do all of this on PC with mods.

I have only ever seen the standard Conan map

You might be right, I am unsure if some mods actually replace the map or not.

They might add something like that.

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