New maps - new worlds - future development of Conan Exiles

On the occasion of the re-launch of a new map in Ark, I would like to resume the old discussion about a modder competition for a new map in Conan Exiles

The new Map (Valguero) in Ark is huge - it’s about 67 sq km and in addition to these 67 sq km a huge underground system with an underground ocean and living waters. This map was made by Modders.
It’s impressive.
For comparison the actual mapsize in Conan Exiles is about 44 sq km.

My suggestion again is:
Please consider to make a contest for a new map. Of course it will take time and the participants will need your support but it would certainly be an important step for the future of this game.

This is not a suggestion for now @Gnadolin - its about next year or in 2 years


With Updates like the upcoming I think there is still much left within this map, before it could be considered maxed out.

I so wish I knew map design. Maybe someday.


if only my computer wasn’t jam when running the DevKit T_T

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I would love to see the ability to create new maps… I have no knowledge on how to as of today… but I may learn (eventually)…. anyways… modders have made wonderful maps for other games and I could only imagine what could be done in CE!

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