"New" Map? Pre War

Been reading alot of the lore you can find in Conan lately and when I learned why the exiled lands is so desolate, and how… It got me thinking -
Would could possibly be a relatively easy way for a new map w/o building one from the ground up?

I propose the Devs work on and release a map of the Exiled lands either DURING the War between the Giant Kings and the Exiles or just BEFORE the war that ravaged the land.

I’d Love to see the entire map mostly green and populated with lush forests and the Ruins being made whole, the acqueduct being fixed, and more A.I. enemies that roam farther. I wonder if some of the jungle critters would roam into the western parts of the map if it wasn’t ravaged by a magic sandstorm over and over ect


I assume what you are asking for is a whole new world map.

That seems highly unlikely to happen as it would be too similar to the current map for enough players to be interested, but too different for it to be easy to make.

If you just want to see what it looked like, look at a map-room, they depict the Exiled Lands pre-war.

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It would be a nice add to the game, maybe as a DLC (like the ones in Ark).
However I’d prefer a Map Expansion over this.

A new map sounds lovely, as long as you can take your character there by playing through the current one…

And just to be very clear: As an expanse of the current game, not as Conan Exiles 2!
We didnt pay for all them dlcs just to not use them on the next map!

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