Whats your next idea for another conan exiles map? Let's hear it funcom team

Let’s hear it team…!

If so, then rules were made to be broken. THE PEOPLE’S VOICES WILL BE HEARD!

I outlined what I’d like to see in a hypothetical map a couple years back so I’m just gonna link to that here.


Conan Exiles…

IN SPACE!!! :grin:

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…And now I want a survival sandbox game set on Barsoom.

Imagine thorwing an orb out there!
Or just killing a dragon, they continue the legacy of the flying rhinos. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But on the serious side: I highly dount they will release a completely new map, but if it happens, I would love to see it in a watery world with ships, slinging explosive orbs at each other that has increased damage against ships, every faction would have their own archipelago with a big fort in the center, where the faction capital is. And some islands would have some THICK jungle forests, where you onls can see 8-10 meters ahead of you. Perfect for ambushing each other, hoping that the sneaky-sneaky system will be improved vastly.


Oh I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Just not for a while yet. :wink:

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Expand the map of Exile, have no doubts, is what the vast majority want.

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They can’t. There are technical reasons, I think it’s because of the dungeons are located in those locations where you think they can expand (NE corner and the borders).

With snakes!


Been wanting something like this myself for years, rare to even hear barsoom nowadays

They still have work to do on Exile lands with 2 new dungeons from my understanding. So Id say no future map for a bit.

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