Absolutely love the DLC

It’s been very refreshing to get something new in Conan I hadn’t played with the new bench’s and I’m cooking down hardened brick like crazy what’s something everyone else is likening so far?


Love watching the weather effects in the distance on Isles of Siptah. It’s lovely.


The summoning pools are a blast.


Yeah I love it to only problem I have with it is like every 2 3 days when getting in inventorys the game freezes up then i can’t get back in the only way i can get back in is to uninstall an reinstall other then that yeah it’s great.

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I built my base with a high up tower specifically for that view of the storm. It’s really impressive when you see it from the right spot. :smiley_cat:

I just wish it still had that ominous magicy look when you’re inside it. It lost that when they made the island darker. I’m glad they made it darker, as it was way too bright before. I’d just prefer if the storm had retained it’s original ambiance as well.


As usual, the graphic arts are amazingly beautiful. They really outdid themselves with IoS, and sometimes I just stop and stare around me, until something tries to eat me.


I like the lighting effects, redwood forest and the elder vaults as well as the new build sets. However, I’m not a fan of the crafting recipes being locked to IoS as a Singleplayer mode only player with a fully built base on the Exiled Lands. Yes, I can spawn the Siptah Elder Vaults goodies in, but I want to craft them.


I’m enjoying it as well. In many ways it doesn’t feel like the same game, (to me) and that’s refreshing because I get a serving of Conan with a fresh new spin.

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