This might be a little early

But what about another map i love the secrets and new things to find in the maps and finding new creatures and items

Also hoping all creatures in the maps become obtainable!


Are you on PC?

If so check out Savage Wilds. Been playing on there for a little over a year and still finding new things.


I think he means an official map by Funcom.


New maps are always welcome imo but realistically I don’t see it happening unless they took savage and released it to everyone officially. I believe there was some talk about expanding exiled lands in one of the last streams but like most updates and patches it won’t happen anytime soon.

I’m not an ark player but they have tons of maps and additional official server options. To bad Conan wasn’t similar in that aspect


For 10000+ crom coin? No thank you.

Savage Wilds has all the great things about Exiled Lands and Siptah without all the silly RNG drawbacks and limitations. Modded maps are simply better than company produced.


So what are the top five modded maps, right now, that people can go try out?
You mentioned “Savage Wilds”… what else should people look to checking out?

Savage Wilds and Isle of Tir-Na-nOg (this one has four versions for different times of the year) are the only two that I know of that I would call feature complete (though they receive content updates still). There’s quite a few others, but they’re not entirely complete and still in testing. Some remarkable effort being put into some of these.

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Dunno. Funcom first stated they would not do another map, then they did and charged $40 for it. Lots bought it. Im sure down the road, despite the fact if they stated right now they were not going to do it, they made another map…people would buy it.

Sure, a person could mod a new map…or find one and play on it. Others want things officially released.

I’d love to have another map. It’s at the top of the list of things I’m hopeful for as they hopefully reinvest some of this battle pass and bazaar money back into the game.

Actually it’s the only thing on that list.

Im afraid not im currently on the ps4!


Well all we can do is hope because this game is genuinely amazing i think

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I think so too i am till this day wishing that everything on the maps will become obtainable thinking of creatures and such

Tho i understand w the official servers and such its a bit of chaos maybe but as single player having to collect and watch ur thralls and creatures demolish a camp or defend during a purge is an absolute accomplishment

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A new map sounds like significantly more effort to create than encounters using mostly existing assets (a couple new monster skins are in play) and cosmetics (that don’t always work) for the Bazaar.
That is the bleak and cynical view.

However, would it be more work than the stat and system overhaul and addition of sorcery. Trick question, probably a different team who would work on that. But the point is, they made Siptah (for a reasonable price at release in this one’s never humble opinion) and they have also done large things on the back end that involved no additional costs to the existing customer base.
That’s the rose tinted optimist view.

If the Bazaar funds a new map…
Which they did note the monetization system was explicitly to fund further development of included content, this one will be pleasantly surprised. However, it is far too early to say. Next Chapter is probably too early to say. When we see what Season 1 of Chapter 3 brings… Then I think we will see how this goes.

For those mod users, my map is getting close and will post it in the forums when it’s ready to ship. It is getting polished which takes an insane amount of my time and has a couple things I must fix before opening it up to all. I can say map making is excruciating but very rewarding. Staying to theme is also an under appreciated difficulty. I think funcom’s efforts to make the devkit map maker friendly opens a lot of opportunity for people like me to make their own creations, and I appreciate it (despite my 18 hour days for 6 months and counting). As tough as a slog as it has been, I am already thinking of making another map after. First things first…


I think the effort put into making sure map making was available and have all the features that it does is very underappreciated. Seems a few here want to yammer on about how they will only play company provided maps but don’t realize the amount of time and effort FC put so that we don’t need to rely on provided (and thus have an expense) maps.

Thus we get access to far more maps with exetremly high quality. Like seriously Savage Wilds is heads and tails better than both Exiled Lands and Siptah. It feels like Exiled Lands 2.0, with a bit of extra biomes, and a level of progression that goes well beyond the boss grind you see in Exiled Lands and beyond the Vaults in Siptah. It even has raid bosses. Encounters that while -can- be solo’d by the best of players, will wreck most if they do not go in as a group and work together.

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How likely/realistic would it be for funcom to take one of these modded maps and release it officially? Obviously it couldn’t be to heavily modded but I’m just curious how difficult this would be and what would hold them back from going this route

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A couple things would prevent it from a business perspective. One is how it would go over with the mod creator. Its their blood and sweat and invoking ownership would not be well received. Paying them is also not really viable because some people have reasons they could not accept payment for either real world reasons or they used an asset from somewhere that was on the grounds of “non-commercial use”. There is also the issue of professionalism. A map I make as a non-game developer will have things that suit me because I know how I made the sausage, but what’s to say it won’t break with an update? I can be careful and am learning a lot to prevent this, but I am still an amateur. Besides, Funcom already wins in the current situation. We create maps, people stay engaged with the game longer, and everyone wins (well… consoles cant use them but that’s console life). That actually brings up another point; I have no idea how my map would function on a console. I dont even know if I can support the game minimum requirements. As a mod, we have that freedom. An official release cannot just say “nah, I dont care”.


I mean… Savage Wilds has Funcom staff working on it :slight_smile: so that would be the easiest to kidnap if Rob can convince the others :smiley:
Ofc I don’t see a high chance of that happening for the reasons stated above.
(Though I can totally see how some people might be more willing to try it after learning this :slight_smile: )

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Shhhh let people continue to think its just fan made. :wink: Next thing you know you’ll be saying there is no Santa Claus.


hahaha :santa: (or… hohoho)