Can’t build in certain areas

Game mode: Official server
Type of Issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: OC
Hardware: Xbox one S

Bug Description:
*I’ve been building in the water in the bottom left of K7 on isle of siptah and there’s a certain area where I can’t build in and I looked around there’s no shipwreck or anything on the ocean sea floor that could be blocking my build but it still says “Building is not allowed here” it also does the same thing with my mate.

Expected behaviour: I expected to be able to place anything anywhere I want that isn’t near any npc camp, shipwreck etc.

Could possibly be the water depth, can’t build too far out in the waters off the Siptah coastline afaik, as it may cause issues with the Purge

Hey @Cruise1

Some areas are protected to avoid interfering with other systems of the game, such as near NPC camps and spawn points. In this case, near K7 there’s a point of interest, which could be causing the issue you’re describing.

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