Can't build in some locations

So private server on Ps4. Been awhile since I had one.

Several locations are off limits or do not allow building, there no error message or warning about it.

Example, Outside Seppimurrururururu (or how ever thats spelt) you get a message you can’t build here.
Near Oasis… nothing, Can not build on lake or near statues. Or even on edges of cliffs.

Its 100% valid location in Single Player but not on g-portal servers. I didnt see anything in setting that causing it… not sure what to do.

Any help be useful? Like get this sorted before I let people on.

What happens some times is when an old structure is taken down, one building block can be left under mesh.
It has happened a few times to us.

Its private server with g-portal, 99% of map hasn’t been visited. (just me and brother, who just started and only plays when I’m there)

Several spots that just will not allow it, with no error message. I can build…
[here] [not here] [here] Theres no npcs or bosses, no dungeon or cave under neath, some of spot are totally random, revisited them each day and just can not build.

Every spot in SP, has worked no issues.

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