Question of the day – Building Zones

Just a quickie!

A friend of mine has built a building to the south of Sepermeru in his single player mode as per the picture, but when he has tried to replicate this on my online server is unable to build in that area. Any suggestions?


Character Name: NIMUE

Clan: Knights of Ni

Server: The Lady of the Lake

Platform: PS4

If there is a console command on PS4…As and admin, just type :playercanbuildanywhere <player’s name>

This will authorize your friend to build in ‘no build’ zones.

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@croozi Thanks for the quick reply. I may have not mentioned im on the PS4 platform renting from G-Portal. So im not sure how i would do that.

Cheers OGGY

Online servers have these has no build zones.
I haven’t tried it yet myself, but you may be able to add that line to the g-portal config files, under settings. I may try it myself just to see…what’s the worst that could happen :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply.

I’ll let this post soak a few more hours then I may create a tread with G-Portal.

I’m not brave enough to fiddle myself! Good luck if you do!

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Sorry to bump this up but before I try my luck with G-portal I thought I would give it one last shot.


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