So much water...But

Ok so now that im finally able to play on Siptah, I must say im loving it. But after 2 days of exploration im finally ready to start on my dream ship build. Thats when disaster strikes. Apparently building area is restricted to 5 foundaions from the shore line. Is this for a reason that eludes me or is it a neferious act against shipwrights?


Had the same issue. Only area I found buildable in deeper water(so far) is on the southern shore of the main island , north of the newer areas they added during early access. The sky becomes very dark for a big stretch of that coast line so you may need to go a little east(But still on the south shore)

Yeah I tried there too wasnt enough area my ship is 9X50 squares approximately. Prebuilt it at rivers end on EL map and it took up the entire strech of river.

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