Not sure where I want to make my main base. Thoughts?

There are several areas I like but not sure which one or 2 to make my main base.

Some areas I liked and / or considered:
That area near Sepemeru on that hill that is all flat.
The flat area northeast of Sepemeru the flattest land with good resources I could find.
The area near that 1 iron node in the west side of the river region.
The island near the sentinels that is flat with the bunny creatures.
The flat land south of new Asgarth.
The southern island with the bears in the highlands inside the sanctuary castle ruins.
The savannah.
The Docks in the jungle.
The Silk Forest
The island west of the jungle with pitfall pass.
The flat land near the arena.
Algar’s Rise.
I also liked the passage with the iron.
Those are areas I liked or considered. Not sure where to put a base.

FWIW, my favorite spot is just outside the northwestern gate of the Unnamed City (bottom right corner of C7), because it’s flat, building there doesn’t deprive people of any important resources, it’s reasonably close to an obelisk and you can build your base in such a way that it cannot get walled in (unless the griefer decides to wall in the whole Unnamed City).


That was oneo f the areas I mentioned. It’s one of the best areas and top of contenders for main base location.

The crevice. Hands down.

Another vote for C7 here, though in my case I prefer the northwestern part (right up against the obelisk). Flat terrain for miles quite some distance, easy access to the UC, the Brimstone lake and Sepermeru and reasonable materials availability (unless you have a troll infestation, but that goes for everywhere on the map).

If it werent for obsessive compulsiveness about numbers and the map grid I would probably make my main base in the highlands or the snow. Obsessive compulsiveness sucks.

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I just built on top on one of the pillars next to buccaneer bay. Pretty nice spot to look at but Im not sure about how it’ll do if I get raided.

Thoughts on the island in 8H?

For the love of Crom, please don’t. The island has a lore stone and bear cub spawns. Be nice to others and don’t ruin that.

It’s a private world. *

F9 is one of my other favorite areas aside from the numbers and my obsessive compulsiveness. But that is a flat land or nearly flat with access to all materials other than brimstone. Brimstone not too far away. *

Are you building for convenience of play?

Or cool location?

This game has an overwhelming amount of cool places to build. But thats stated for an artistic standpoint, not a strategic one.

Some clarification on your goal may help with suggestions.

There are some amazing pillar/tree spots in the juggle that would lead really interesting bases, but may not be the most convenient to get around the map from, (or back too).

Current my friend and I are building around the pillars near the pirate bay. Its nice enough as the coastal jungle ob is fairly close. But it is pretty far off to the side of the map.

I also love building around that northern lake with the bear island as others have brought up. Thats a fairly nice, central location, however, you are pretty pressed for your Ob run, which the closest is the desert one near the pit/undead dragon arena. I suppose with horses, thats less of a thing. However, that lake+cliff side backing the savanna leads to a pretty cool area for a base.

“Flat” is not my word. And I build where “I like” not where “I need” (singleplayer).
When I’m not in the “sunny mood” of having people around (Sepermeru) then I build somehow drilled into a cave/hole or hanged around a peak.
Damn I think I’m a spider, damn I should move to the silkwood ^^

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Well resources are sort of a factor. I kind of like grasslands but dont like building too far east or north But my favorite thralls are from Seppemeru and the North. Pirates are kind of cocol. I’ve usually built in H8 and C7 . since those seemed like cool areas. There’s usually some sort of land mark or area in each place I try to avoid so it’s tough finding good areas I like since I cant rename landmarks . (Obsessive Compulsiveness Really Sucks) And I’ve developed an obsession with flat land because of the dumpster fire known as Fallout 76.

Maybe somewhere around B8, going into B9?

That north western savanna area has always appealed to me personally (haven’t had a chance to go over and build over there yet however. Too many projects).

There are some nice pillars, valleys, and of course the somewhat near by oasis pools for some pretty cool areas to build through or over.

You have quick access to Sep
Its not all dreary desert (personal taste… I like going through the desert, but I find the setting bland to build in, and Im not even talking about flat areas. Just too much of the same color) so its got nice rolling hills of grass, shrub and tree.
Its got quick access to the north, the Unamed City, many of the games dungeons and a Ob right nearby.
You have the main Brimstone farm at your front door step, Iron and Silver to the south.

Lots of good factors for that spot. I personally really like the ridge that separates the sulfur lakes, the oasis pools and those hills of Savanna. Lot of options in there. (think there’s a black rhino spawn nearby also).

Top Contenders Recently:

D4 near Algar’s Buildings.

H6 has an interesting opportunity. There’s a massive cavern next to the Arena entrance that bridges the two sides of the river, and there’s a gap up above if you want to build up high with dungeons below.

It’s near the Sinkhole obelisk, near brimstone caves, and near to many Black Hand and Darfari camps.

Adjacent to C7 at the very northern border is Klael’s Stronghold, B7/B8 border. There is a very nice mesa between Klael’s and Relicwatcher Rise with ironstone and amazing views. Lots of flat terrain, and good surrounding rocky uplifts with room for towers and more. I’m built there now on my official and it has everything I want from Set City, plus relative safety.

Was Iron Ridge near Seppemeru that bigh area you have to climb, or that area goind down the hill near the dungeon with a bunch of coal and iron at the base? Since RelicW is the area you climb near Seppemeru. Not sure. Since some of the locations can be tough to tell where their area is exactly.

My last few main bases were all near Sepameru. Top fighter thralls and lots of named crafters and a couple of the best dungeons to run. Also pretty close to the brimstone and UC if you travel by land. Some pretty scenery at Sep, with the oasis near.

Now, the best fighters are either volcano or Mounds (I believe), so since thralling is often the biggest grind of the game, it might make sense to be closer to either of those? Both Mounds and Volcano are just a bit grim though and spending tons of time at either tends to dampen my mood. Jungle, river, forested North and Oasis locations are what I consider the most pleasing environments that I just love to see when I log into the game. So I’ll always have a main base in one of those areas.

I’m PvE, so can’t advise on defensible locations.