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Hello everyone i have had Conan exiles for a awhile though due to my schedule from work and being a parent had no time to really play and all that but anyways not the point now.

My question is what would be the best location to start a base and build from there? I mean I’m looking for an area where it’s got an abundance of resources and such. If anyone has any suggestions let me know please I looked on you tube but there is so much idk where to start

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Singleplayer? Because if not, then the spot is probably taken but I would suggest here:

image - B7

Close to an obelisk, close to thralls, close to brimstone & iron. Not a lot of annoying animals.


I like under Lookout Point for begin base. Tons of iron, thralls to tame and level up with, Miniboss close by, not far to Brimstone and Gossamer. Spiders -scythe for Gossamer, pick for Chitin & Ichor

Going to Sepermeru area for Main base afterwards.

My preference is just south of the Den, there are 2 small pools of water. I like to start my base at the edge of the northern pool using that as a source of water and fish. There’s a reasonable amount of iron, coal, stone and wood. The shattered springs are nearby for brimstone, it’s not far from the northern regions for star metal and black ice. Supermaru and the silver mine are close enough for quick trips. And the un named city is just to the south.

I like the Oasis of Nekhet north of Sepermeru. It has all the basic resources a growing boy needs within a short walking distance and its not too far from a good source of black ice and star metal to the north. Theres also a lot of water around.

Sepemeru the city of thieves is great for the cellar alone just for farming gold, silver, & feat points for crafting.

It’s also close to the Dungeon and obelisk where you get the champion armor and stuff

you can get 90% of what you need west side of brimstone lake.
Black ice can be gotten from dungeon warmakers in that area. The only resourc you will ever have to travel for is star metal and ash.
Get a relic hunter from wine cellar dungeon and level to 10 at least. Then you can breeze thru the dungeon. You d9nt have to fight final boss to get black ice.

I used to build at the mouth of the main river, nice scenery, easy thrall access, plenty of wildlife nearby.

I like to leg it straight to the Dam area up north. Heaps of iron, trees, plenty of deer for skins, and a guaranteed spawn for T4 fighter Lian for easy early tough thrall.

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